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    Rana Goodman

    There was a very interesting commentary regarding the restaurant on David Berman’s blog today which stated in part, People say that they want a restaurant and will support it – that implies they will support whatever it takes to make the restaurant successful. But then they want to bring in food from outside caterers which will hurt the restaurant’s business. So in reality they do not want to support a restaurant. So here we are again.  Dave W.

    Did it ever occur to this resident that supporting a restaurant to many people might mean that they will patronize it by going there to dine for breakfast, perhaps also for lunch and dinner several times a week. However, they don’t wish to be enslaved by the idea that each and everything they want to do within the confines of our association’s common facilities must involve the use of the restaurant.

    For example; a meet and greet for new member at a club function at another nearby association where the restaurant has exclusive rights, as G2G wanted, presented a bill for $15 per person serving coffee, iced tea and an assortment of coffee cakes i.e brownies, cookies and Danish. Since the event was at the club’s expense with 40 new members, in my opinion $600 is a little steep when the same items could have been brought in from Costco for a fraction of that cost.

    In the same regard, pot-luck events for some clubs have become traditional and fun events. Since our clubs are the back-bone of the community life they should not be forced off campus just to insure a few more dollars into the coffers of a restaurant’s bottom line.

    Surely with no rent to pay, a well-run establishment with good food and good service should be able to gain repeat business without the “use us or no food” type of tactic. As a customer I would use them if the food, service a price was pleasing because it was the right thing to do, however, if the price was out of line, or the food was not acceptable, I would have no choice but to go to out of the community for my event, since this is my home, that would not make me a happy camper.

     So the point is, not if you do or don’t want to support a restaurant, it is…. is the restaurant going to be worthy of support?

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