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    Rana Goodman

    As if 2020 and the problems that we dealt with during Covid 19 were not enough to raise our blood pressure and stress levels, we have obscene gas prices, groceries have risen considerably, utilities too. Many of our residents have lost a spouse leaving them with far less income and now, many homeowners will now be facing major obstacles paying considerably higher assessments to the HOA.

    Are you aware of the upcoming increase to the Anthem Villa neighborhoods?  During the past year, the quarterly assessment for the Villa owners were $856 per quarter $3424.00 per year. As January arrives, the assessment will be going up to $1102 per quarter, plus an additional $1308 per quarter to go into their reserve account to cover a “shortage” in the Villa Reserves. Thus the 2023 annual assessment for all owners in the Villas neighborhoods will be a total of $9,640.00 per year.  Add to that living expenses and property taxes, I’ve heard that “homes for sale” will greatly increase since, at times like these, many seniors cannot afford increases like this!

    Before new residents of our community panic, let me explain that the Villa neighborhoods and Pinnacle pay different assessments than the rest of the homes in SCA, since maintenance of the outside of each residence in the Villas is included and Pinnacle is also higher than SCA since it is a gated community where the streets and their maintenance are the responsibility of those owners.

    However, I must question why it was necessary for the board of directors (BOD) to commit so much funding all at the same time? I was taught from a very young age to spend what you could afford, without depleting your savings (in this case our reserve funds) in the event of  “unexpected happenings.”

    Apparently, the BOD felt it was OK to fund the up-coming restaurant, which we have been told will run at a loss for the first 5 years, the grass removal which, per the city, had to be completed within 3 years thus, that project could have been delayed a while. Let’s not forget SCA’s share for the repairs to Anthem Community Council landscaping along Anthem Parkway, which has sat untouched for about 2 years now. Repaving the Anthem Center parking lots, which, if you recall, was done shortly before the pandemic. For a year and a half no one drove into the parking area since the facilities were closed.

    Keep in mind, this is not the northeast, we don’t normally get ice and snow that cause potholes. and much more spending, including taking out the Bocci courts at Liberty Center and replacing them with Pickleball. The Bocci Ball courts were refurbished during the pandemic, and although I sympathize with the Pickelball players who petitioned for more courts, I must repeat, if money is short somethings must, to any logical person, have to wait a while.

    And let us not forget the salary and benefit increases to staff and management, which, while I know I am repeating myself, BUT when funds are low could have been delayed a while.

    These spending approvals, and others I have not been informed about yet, seem to have depleted the reserves for all of the owners since all of our assessments are rising as the New Year Arrives.

    Nelson Orth

    Don’t forget the $10 to $15M (yes Million) commitment over ten years to Anthem Community Council. I will try to find out the plan of where that money is to be spent, but that may be difficult, if not impossible.

    Elizabeth Breier

    The quarterly dues for the homeowners that are not subject to special pricing, were $331.00 per quarter, increasing by 25% to $441.00 per quarter in 2023.  No one I know whether working or retired has had an income increase by 25%.  I am sure there are always necessary items to attend to in order to maintain the community but the parking lot at Anthem Center does not seem to need repaving.  I drove that lot – seems fine to me, other than the worn out “STOP” painted at the end of each row.  Those should be replaced with permanent metal signs as we have on place when leaving the lot onto the main ingress/egress road.  Those would not need to be replaced nearly as often as the repainting needs to take place.  If only the streets within Henderson were in half as good condition as the Anthem Parking lot.  Whether traveling on Eastern or Carnegie or even within SCA – the roads are not great and awful in places.  Why does Anthem Parking lot need to surpass the city streets in their condition?  This is an expense that it would seem could be delayed for a couple of years. The Boards’s attitude of “spend now before the prices increase” on certain projects reminds me of the comedian who said his wife always tells him how much money she saved buying items on sale – but it would save even more money if she did not shop at all !!!



    Your article immediately brought to mind a scenario that many of us have observed throughout our lives.  We have all witnessed petulant children who see something they want immediately, not giving any thought as to price and ramifications if whether the item is appropriate for them.  If told they could not have the item, then they have a temper tantrum.

    This board has consistently demonstrated their disdain for what is best for ALL the unit owners financially and does not care.  Their only concern is get what they want immediately.    

    Dixie Zinn

    Rana, the board does not represent the residents of Sun City Anthem. We need to elect good and honest people that will make sure that the residents are no longer taken advantage of.  The Board has given a 6 per cent raise for all the employees and hiring three more full time. Why would they think it is ok to open a restaurant at this time when the cost of food is sky high. Have you ever heard of a business losing $300,000 a year?  The Board has spent all this money on new exercise equipment, landscape, 6 percent raises for all full-time employees, paving, restaurant, raising the assessment fee 25 per cent and raising the hydro tone classes to 4 or 5 dollars for every class and so many other projects. When people come here to buy, they are shown all that Sun City has to offer. For some reason the Board and Management do not think that is important. When we had our meeting about the Board raising the class fees to 4 or 5 dollars, they had no problem with Sun City residents going to Planet Fitness. This way of thinking has to stop. We need honest, caring people to run for the board and bring Sun City back to normalcy, where the residents of Sun City Anthem come first.

    Dixie Zinn

    Rana, I would like to reiterate on the salaries that the upper echelon is being paid. I hope every Sun City resident realizes that the 6 per cent salaries the Board approved is over half of the budget.  The $300,000 dollar loss on the restaurant and all the other special projects they have done are in the process of doing. Sun City will not be able to sustain this spending spree and Sun City Anthem will no longer exist at this rate. The residents should receive correspondence by mail or email to let them be aware of what the Board is doing, before anything is approved. The Board needs to be transparent. We need to be informed and the salaries of the upper echelon should have been in the budget that was sent out to every resident. TRANSPARENCY!

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