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    Rana Goodman

    Mean what you say, Say what you mean…….

    Over on  David Berman’s blog there are some comments that I could not let go un-answered. I am known for giving my point of view, so, right or wrong, it’s my forum, so here is what I think…….

    David wrote

    “Folks have a right to express their views if there are things about management and/or the Board they are unhappy about. But what concerns me most is the hypocrisy of railing against expenses such as paying money to rent buses for the famous Hillary Clinton event but not being concerned about spending thousands more, however much that may be, for a removal election.”

    As often is the case, David Berman talks all around the the whole issue of why everyone was upset about the expenditure of the bus. The decision was made solely by the president without consulting the board. This type of thing, making decisions in executive meetings that didn’t fit the criteria of the  reasons to meet in executive session. He doesn’t seem to “get” that eventually everyone reaches the point of enough is enough! and the 500+ that have already signed the petitions have reached that point.

    Carl Weinstien responded

    They complain about money that was spent but they don’t care that a recall will cost SCA thousands of dollars. The comments on the “other” blog are VICIOUS!, filled with half-truths and they are the source of FAKE NEWS!

    He too misses the entire point that it is not a matter of the success of getting enough signatures to initiate a recall election mandate, but finding out if there are sufficient residents who are “FED UP AND ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.”  As of this date, I do know that there are over 500 who have signed on to both the recall and the the dissatisfaction with Ms. Seddon. I would say that is far more than a handful of “malcontents”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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