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    If you are asking yourselves, where have I heard that expression before, it was one of comedienne Joan River’s trade marks in her many monologues she delivered to audiences around the world.  The following editorial is MY opinion, and especially as a valid homeowner and member of a club in SCA, of what I see the members of the board doing and saying resulting in total betrayal of the good homeowners that they were elected to represent:

    An idea began to formulate in the back of my mind that this famous expression is becoming increasingly applicable to the current board of directors in Sun City Anthem.  Anyone who has sat through one of their tortuous board meetings and watched their body language, expressions and pearls of stupidity that emanate from their pronouncements, would know that they demonstrate overwhelming incompetence, lack of morality, a sheer arrogance like we have never seen before, absolute ignorance to the concept of fiduciary duty and clearly a real distain and total lack of respect for the people they are supposed to represent-all the homeowners living here.  These scenarios often remind me of very spoiled children in a sandbox, often squabbling with others and bullying just to get their way.  The attitude that prevails describing their actions is that they know better than anyone living here what is best for our community.  If you believe that, then I have the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you.

    Let us look at some of the negative and hurtful edicts emanating from this board.

    1. Dissolution of the Board Book Review where homeowners could actually ask questions and often receive answers.
    2. An increasing number of violations of NRS 116 without thinking of the ramifications.
    3. An unprecedented and unnecessary 10% increase in assessments.
    4. Outrageously obscene and excessive salaries granted management.
    5. Making decisions in secret meetings and not notifying ALL board members of these meetings. (This has been going on for several years.)
    6. Continuing to sue the developer regarding Liberty Center after homeowners voted against the lawsuit.
    7. Improper delegation of Board Policy to the general manager.
    8. Mismanaging clubs and their activities with arbitrary and capricious changes regarding business licenses, insurance, security and vender requirements.
    9. Incurring excessive attorney fees. (We now have an attorney whose actions make those of former attorney John Leach look like a choir boy.)

    I could add at least a dozen more valid reasons why this board has been a total failure, but sufficed to say, that the bottom line is their childish and rude manner regarding interaction with homeowners, their excessive spending habits, their lack of utilizing the extremely talented professionals who live here for consultation or exploration of a problem and/or solution and most of all, treating our money as their own personal bank account.  There is also an individual whom could not tell the total truth if his life depended upon it regarding the facts nor reveals ALL the details regarding the recall of four board members which have been posted on other web sites. In addition, he seems to know what the board and administration does moments later before anyone else is informed.

     Anyone with a modicum of common sense, can see why this community is becoming more divided.  Each remaining member of this board should be ashamed of themselves for their actions including the illegal removal of board member Nona Tobin.  Their dishonesty while running for office and their egregious and highly unprofessional behavior as board members, is fast making our community the laughing stock of southern Nevada.

    Most people who live here, especially the recent residents who have just moved in, are not aware of the web sites which have highlighted the increasing problems manifesting themselves under the direction of the current board and Sandy Seddon, general manager.  When they have overheard bits and pieces of conversation and have stopped to ask about this out of control problem, they are horrified.  Some are asking questions as to what they can do.  Our answer has been to become familiar with the facts and when they receive the recall ballot, to vote to remove the four members up for recall.

    We are truly at a crossroads in determining whether our community can go forward and become the community we all want to live out the rest of our lives in, or becoming systematically destroyed by selfish, arrogant and inept individuals who make a mockery of the laws governing HOA’s.  The decision lies with each eligible resident to vote to cleanse governance by removing the four board members when the ballots are sent out to all homeowners.  Homeowners need to purify this community and protect their home investments before it is too late.  Homeowners have been left with no other alternative!


    Did the “other guy” and I read the same article?  He referred to your comments as “Nazi”.  Why, because you used the word “purify”?  Wonder what he calls Purified Water?  I think he has finally gone all the way around the bend.

    How dare he refer to you using the word “Nazi”, a Jewish woman.  That is totally rude, revolting and reprehensible and he owes you and every Jewish resident in SCA a written apology.  But we know that will never happen, because he is never wrong.

    Yes, I signed all the petitions.  The last time I spoke at a board meeting, I had to stop in the middle and ask all the board members and staff to please stop looking at their computers and phones and some of the board members to uncross their arms and look at me.  They demand that we give them our full attention and courtesy when speaking, but heaven forbid they should give a resident the same courtesy.

    And, my personal interaction with Ms. Seddon is the reason I signed that petition.  She has been rude and arrogant towards me and I have witnessed the same to other residents.  And please don’t tell me that she took a pay cut to come here.  Even in California a 700 unit HOA does not pay a manager over $250K.  She is responsible for three rec centers, not the 7100 homes we all live in.  We take care of our own homes and landscaping.  Give me a break.

    Patsy McCarthy – See, I’m not afraid to sign my real full name, unlike readers of the “other guy’s” blog.



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