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    Rana Goodman

    I spent several hours on the Clark County Assessor’s site last night confirming the rejected resident names from the “independent, non-biased” CPA firm that has been hired to run the recall election. My efforts were mounted more from curiosity than anything else since we are, as a friend of mine always says,  a senior retirement community, not a retarded one. I wondered how so many people could fill out  or sign a simple petition incorrectly.

    First I took a look at the reason given by the CPA for rejection on this long list of names… The first batch stated “more than one signature”… hmmm, nothing I could do about that!

    The next batch said “either not the owner on the current deed or not a valid trustee”… Now I had something to track!

    I rolled my chair closer to my computer screen, cleaned my glasses and got busy.

    Of the first 55 entries I checked on the Clark County Assessor’s site, 53 were the names of the owners or trustees, EXACTLY AS LISTED and had been for some time. This begs the question of just where the CPA firm was checking their ownership records.  Can you imagine how many more “accidental errors” are on the rest of the ballots, I was only given one print-out?

    One perfect example I noticed was Forrest Fetherolf who happens to own 9 homes in SCA. 5 of those were on my list and the CPA firm disallowed them without asking, or checking with administration where Forrest had advised them that he had deeds showing a transfer from his son to him, plus a Power Of Attorney for all.

    The most disturbing fact of all in this FARCE, and yes, to me it is a farce, is that the chances of a recall for four board members being a success in an association this size is “slim to none.” These tricks were really not needed…. Did the “unbiased CPA” and those who are paying him” want to insure their win so badly that they REALLY had to turn to such underhanded sloppy tricks and think they would not be checked?

    Silly isn’t it?


    This comment was made by David Berman on his blog  today: As of September 30, Orlick stated, the known recall cost was $40,000. Since the end of September, he added, total cost is approaching $50,000, which does not include the unknown costs that will be incurred over the next two weeks”

    I have a big problem with this amount.. and a question for our GM and our board of directors who are so sure they are doing a competent and fiscally responsible job;

    1:Taking into consideration the (let’s call it what it was,) screw-up, with the ballots, mailed in blank-non unidentifiable envelopes, causing many residents to toss them thinking they were advertising….

    2: Taking into consideration the errors made in mis-identifying owners as non-owners    causing them to be bumped from the count from voting in the recall….. DON’T YOU THINK THERE IS A REFUND OR DISCOUNT DUE ON THAT DOLLAR AMOUNT????? I CERTAINLY DO!!!

    Got comments, we would love to hear them?


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