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    Rana Goodman

    Since my schedule had been quite heavy recently, my first opportunity to observe our new board of directors was Thursday, June 27th 2024.

    One of the first things I noticed were the smiles and warm, friendly expressions on Treasurer, Forrest Quinn and President John Marshall’s faces asr they greeted a few residents approaching the head table. One of the first being Dan Shaw, current Henderson City Council member. Shaw was not there to speak as a candidate, but was introduced to Quinn and Marshall by SCA resident David Berman. Then, at the start of the meeting he was acknowledged by Marshall as he began the meeting.

    There were about 75 SCA residents in attendance plus, according to the large screen above the stage in the Delaware Room, dozens of homeowners logged in to view the meeting on-line. I had a great deal of trepidation about attending the meeting since the agenda appeared to be long, thus judging from the past, would be lasting close to the dinner hour.

    Much to my pleasant surprise, the meeting concluded just over an hour. Another surprise was the friendly way residents approaching the microphones to speak were treated, some with humor but all with a pleasant attitude including the gentleman who ran over the two minute limit as President Marshall kindly asked with a smile, that he wrap it up by pointing to the timer sitting on the table.

    On the agenda was an item regarding the hire of Michael Schulman whose firm,  Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin, LLP, has been a leader in HOA representation for more years than I can remember.  Director Bruce Stanley voted against while board secretary, Donna Griffith abstained…. Motion passed.

    Readers of my posts are aware of my disdain for the advice and attitude of prior council, Adam Clarkson  and although he, it seems will still handle collections, he will no longer be “the board’s legal advisor.” My opinion, thank goodness for that!

    Considering that this new board took their seats in early May, I feel that this new board is not  dragging their feet or “kicking the can down the road” with initiating things that have been talked about for, what seems like forever.

    Although “the other blogger” has criticized the outcome of the first Coffee with the Board, I’m hoping that these coffees continues (although at a slightly later hour). While I agree that a format should be set so that residents know what to expect, i.e. introductions, Q&A format, etc. much like the Town Hall meetings we have had, I am very pleased to see this new board is trying to find ways to make residents feel included in the manner of making Sun City Anthem a place we can all be happy we call it home!

    I’m sure most of us understand there is a “learning curve” with any new board, I’m just so happy to see that this board seems to want to work with us using an inclusive attitude, not a secretive dominating one.

    May I also suggest that our board take a slow drive around that Anthem Parkway and Sun City Anthem Parkway and take a good hard look at the lack of landscaping made by the removal of trees and flora that Anthem Community Council never bothered to replace…..

    After all, it is going on three years and I, personally am sick and tired of looking at yards of barren, rock filled medians, then one of two groups of Lantana and more large barren spaces. Compared to other close by community landscape areas, ours is a total embarrassment. From a resale standpoint, I’m sure most would agree, when many potential buyers drive through those areas they will not be in awe of our common area landscape.



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