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November 4th Support for Hamas?

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    Rana Goodman

    On November 3, 2023 I received the following email.….. Honoring the millions of people who pledged “NEVER AGAIN” and all of those who survived, my reply is posted below.

    Sent: 11/3/2023 6:34:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    Subject: Re: Press Coverage: Rally in front of the Venetian and march on Las Vegas Boulevard

    In response to your request to publish and attend your protest rally at the Venetian Hotel.   “This rally aims to amplify voices advocating for peace and a resolution to the conflict, ending these inhumane attacks on Gaza”

    My response is not just NO, but hell NO! First, I question your choice of the Venetian Hotel since I view that as a major slap in the face of Dr Miriam Adleson, owner  of the Venetian, and  philanthropist for so many good causes.

    The fact that your group only speaks out in protest to the “inhumane attacks on Gaza” yet I see nothing about the Hamas attack October 7th or of the savage killing of civilians, including babies and toddlers whose only offense was being born Jewish.
    Such a brazen show of support for people who make no secret of the fact that their mission in life is to wipe all Jews from the face of the earth. This time however, we will not “go silently into the good night ” and never will again!
    Participating in these rallys go beyond antisemitism, let’s call it what it is, following Hitler’s ideology, a monster who wished to rule the world by eliminating millions of Jews, gypsies, Catholics, gay people, and anyone else who opposed his edicts.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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