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    When people find themselves in the depths of despair,
    They may wonder why, they just cannot stop crying.
    So, while thinking back, on the path they’ve walked,
    They should ask themselves, if they simply…stopped…trying.

    They allowed their lives to be driven by the love of money.
    The more they attained, the more they were consumed by buying.
    Either they forgot the values their parents instilled in them,
    Or other things mattered more, and they just…stopped…trying.

    Did they believe that they must be the captain of their own ship,
    And focus more on character, or could that be what they’re denying?
    To have a long string of failures, while doing everything right,
    And if heartaches are too hard to swallow, then why not…stop…trying.

    A state of happiness should mean far more than all other things,
    To accomplish that above all else, is a must before dying.
    But know this truth for sure, that this will never happen,
    If you lie down and quit, and decide it’s not…worth…trying.

    If you go forth and try, you might accomplish nothing at all.
    Try not at all, and you surely will not, to yourself only are you lying.
    That way of life will never lead you to any goal or reward,
    If time after time you come up short, because you’re just…not…trying.

    So, after analyzing yourself for a while, and setting a course,
    I say to you, look within, and to the world and what you are eyeing.
    Set your sights on you and who you are, because you are important.
    Then go after your dreams, and don’t ever, ever…stop…trying.


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