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    Rana Goodman

                   SCA Neighborhood Watch Program

                   Resident Update – December 15, 2023

     By Don Manning

    Crime Report through December 15:

    The year 2023 continues to have very low criminal activity! Through December 15 SCA has had only ten burglaries or attempted burglaries. For reference, we averaged 24 burglaries each year from 2018-2022. The WHERE, WHEN AND HOW of the 2023 burglaries are shown below.  Keep up the good work — If you “See Something, Say Something”.  Call 911 for a crime in progress, or 311 for suspicious activity. The HPD is currently experiencing a staffing shortage, and they really appreciate that SCA residents are their eyes and ears in the community!

    Neighborhood Watch Program 2024 Leadership:

    The NWP Leadership slate for 2024 has been finalized:  Chair, Don Manning; Vice Chair, Cathey O’Connell; Secretary, Lennard Grodzinsky; Treasurer, Randall Conkright; At-large members are: Rhonda Bell, Pam Buck, Donna Fouste, Joanne Joyce, and Mike Messenger. Many thanks to these folks for stepping up to help keep our safe community even safer!

    Annual NWP Meetings:

    Over 500 SCA residents attended the five meetings.  The villages with the best attendance were Southridge and Fairway Villages, with over 20% of their homes attending.  Congratulations!  The Henderson Police Department provided excellent speakers, including the new West Area Commander Captain Anthony Branchini, Lieutenant Ken Youngblood of the Community Relations Unit and Neighborhood Resource Officer Alex Alcantara.  There were extensive HPD Q+A sessions at which many residents’ questions were answered.  The new Inspirada HPD Training and Dispatch Center was described in detail — quite a facility!  If you were unable to attend any of the five village annual meetings in 2023, there is a video available at: . Many thanks to Ary Mirochnik for producing this video!

    Need for Village NWP Leaders:

    We need NWP Leaders for the following villages:

    • Black Mountain Village
    • Pinnacle Village
    • Ridgecrest Village

    Without NWP Leaders to send out information to their village residents, such as this NWP Resident Update, these villagers will not be kept informed about SCA NWP activities.  NWP leaders are also needed to welcome new residents, who are essential for the Neighborhood Watch Program to grow.  If you would like to learn more, just send an email to Don Manning at .  It is not a lot of work!

    Thanks for being “Neighbors Looking Out for Neighbors” and helping to keep Sun City Anthem safe!

    Don Manning, Chair

    Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Service Committee


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