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    Rana Goodman

    Forwarded by Neighborhood Watch:

    As you are likely aware, the Las Vegas Valley is in the path of Hurricane Hillary and the tropical storm it has become, which means we are likely to get a significant amount of rain and winds, which may affect our community’s disaster assessment and response.

    Because the SCA Neighborhood Watch volunteers are the eyes and ears of our community, the SCA Emergency Preparedness Service Group (EPSG) asks for assistance in reporting any significant hazard or damage in our community or surrounding areas. The information should be sent to the EPSG Disaster Assessment Coordinator, Steve Smolenski. The instructions are as follows:

    Please text message, a brief description of the situation with time and location, including the village, street address and/or cross street

    • To EPSG Disaster Assessment Coordinator Steve Smolenski at (516) 589-2078
    • DO NOT call or leave a voice mail at this number – we need to make sure the line is available for proper reporting of significant issues ONLY
    • DO NOT report small issues (such as a power outage in one house) so we can prioritize issues that affect a larger part of the community

     Below are some examples:

    • Tree down on Wide Street & Short Avenue in Big Village, reported at 3:45pm. Joe Smith
    • Traffic Lights out at Anthem Road & Majo Street, reported at 4:30pm. Jane Black
    • Retainer wall down at 1234 Large Street, Sunny Village. Mike Jones

    You may not receive a response unless we need further clarification.

    As always, please make sure to follow any emergency warnings and alerts, and:

    • Make sure to report any life threatening or emergency situations to 911
    • Any power or utility outages to appropriate utility company
    • Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities during the storm
    • DO NOT endanger your health and safety to check on a situation
    • DO NOT go out to do any kind of assessment

    We thank you for your cooperation and wish everyone a safe ride during the storm.


    Jeff Varnes, President

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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