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    Rana Goodman

    During my campaign I promised to work diligently for every home owner in our community. There is one exception and I doubt any reader of the community blogs would not understand when I say, the exception is the owner of that blog.

    I, like many of you, are not as young as we once were and I have learned that the safest way for me to deal with so many biased, mean-spirited attacks is to cut that  person out of my life as if they are non-existent. This I have done, but don’t think for a moment that I will let my pledge to serve the rest of the 7,144 home owners to the very best of my ability, it will not.

    For the blogger to now intimate that my refusal to interact with him is a sign that my performance as a board member would not be as I have pledged, is just one more unwarranted attack.



    Thanks for your stance on ridding our community of such continual harassment.

    I hope the rest of our association will soon look at such behavior as rude, childish, embarrassing, and not a manner in which mature adults should act.

    That particular blogger has been a menace to all those who desire peace, tranquility, and honesty toward residents.

    Destruction and harassment of good people has been his trademark for years and must stop.

    Your desire to cut all ties with such an individual is more than understandable. His actions toward you and so many others over the years, have done nothing other than dramatize the problems that should not occur in a civilized senior society.

    It may not be within your ability to stop his behavior on an independent blog, but it can be within your ability if this new Board supports and enforces the Code of Conduct regulations that exist, but have not been enforced; as well as enact anti-bully regulations if such behavior intimidates innocent individuals if such behavior is exhibited on common element properties or through unsolicited harassing and threatening emails to those who reside here.

    His disgusting, hateful, and unwarranted editorials toward you and the other members of The New Tradition Team during the past election should be considered not only unbecoming any individual, but should be vilified by any person who has respect for his fellow man.

    For a Board…or for that matter, any individual… to support such behavior is not only a poor reflection on them personally, but serves no purpose other than harming the very fiber of our neighborhoods.

    Good luck in the years ahead to curb this destroyer of character he and his dwindling followers  who have supported for years.

    SCA saw fit through the ballot box to repudiate one Board incumbent who was of the same disturbing behavioral fiber, now let’s complete the job with ridding it of his as well.

    Rana Goodman

    Thank you Dick:

    It is really interesting to see how “the blogger” makes things fit his own agenda. He commented today “when she didn’t like one of my posts she sent the police to my door”  Truth be told, it was after months of mean spirited attacks and vicious posting on his blog that I called the police and asked how I get a restraining order to stop the harassment. I was told it would be very hard, if not impossible and HPD offered to send an officer to talk to him.

    The officer came to my home first and I showed him some of the posts. I recall telling him I just wanted that man to forget me name and leave me alone…. It seems when the officer then went to the blogger’s home I was made to look like a complete baby.

    I guess, under “freedom of speech” he will continue as he always has but not I don’t have to acknowledge him.



    Bravo, Rana!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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