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    If you so not relate to the following poem, then you have led a very sheltered life or you have the skin of a rhinoceros.  Life throws some very painful events at us and how we handle them determines how much and how soon we put it behind us and move on.



    Neither a man, woman, nor child ever existed,
    Without adversity or grief, that often persisted.
    With the nagging ups and downs, there will be a few,
    To be a constant reminder, and grab attention anew.

    A single momentary event can have a lifelong effect,
    Impacting mind and soul, in ways often hard to detect.
    A blow without warning, a death of someone held dear,
    Doubts to make you wonder, will I live to see another year.                                    

    A bully seeking self-elevation, pushing you to the ledge,
    To joy in verbal assault, while keeping you on the edge.
    Perhaps besides the event, it is something forced to endure.
    A parent reliving the misery, of a child without a cure.

    Is there ever a time wh;en the sting of betrayal never lingers?
    Were you ever falsely accused, by only the point of a finger?
    Has a relationship ever gone bad, and caught you totally unaware?
    And caused emotional scars, beyond what a person should bear?

    Whatever those demons may be, that haunt you from the past,
    The power is within you, to make it fade or make it last.
    Putting it behind you, is not as simple as only a choice alone.
    It is no less difficult, while going it all on your own.

    What burns in the memory, is not just a matter of choice.
    How you handle it thereafter, is what may give it a voice.
    The mind cannot alwlays control, what suddenly occurs,
    Nor can it ever erase, the events that a memory stirs.

    Lonely feelings of torment, painful as the event itself,
    Must find a way to somehow, be placed upon the shelf.
    You cannot wish it away, it will not happen in a day.
    It takes an effort of time, to forget when we lost our way.

    If you understand the importance, and how much you matter,
    Only then will that memory, start tofade from your platter.
    With your eyes focused ahead, instead of over your shoulder,
    The past can never trip you, as you move ahead more bolder.

    What you feel about YOU will begin to change your vision,
    Of what the future may hold, for a new person of decision.
    Someday, when you look around and the memory is almost gone,
    Happiness is your companion, because you are finally moving on.



    Wow, Ron!  What a powerful piece.  I can see how this applies to everyone.  Who doesn’t recognize themselves in one form or another?  I know I do.

    Unfortunately, there are people who will not recognize some of these things in themselves.  It makes me think of all that is going on here in SCA at the moment and how much of it applies to our BOD, management and another blogger.  They just don’t understand the harm they do to everyone that lives here.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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