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    Rana Goodman

    I attended the candidate forum, March 5, 2023 and want to tell you how impressed I was with several things.

    Shawn Hicks, a member of the election committee hosted the event as far as asking the questions of the candidates. He kept everything running smoothly in such a professional but friendly manner, he was the best host I can remember in the 20 years I have lived here.

    Pamela Williams was the first candidate to speak, and I have to say the lady has my vote! Not only are her credentials listed on her printed flyer very impressive, but  they struck very close to my heart.

    Just an example;

    Pamela served on California’s Judicial Council’s probate and mental health advisory board. She was a member of the Death Review Team and Consultation Panel for cases of elder abuse and neglect as well as serving on California Judicial Council Probate and Mental health Advisory Board.

    All of her answers were clear and concise and showed me a woman who cared, not only about this community but expressed, several times, her desire to hear and speak with the residents of our community. Pamela’s email address is:

    Rick Ernest

    This candidate too has my vote, he was very impressive. His bio lists 45 years in commercial construction project management while in his answers he stressed wanting to take a deep dive into SCA’s finances and reporting to the community. One bullet point on his flyer that quickly caught my eye was #4, Examine and monitor professional fees to ensure that excessive spending does not take place.  Rick’s email address is

    Bruce Stanley 

    Bruce, unfortunately was not at the forum since he had a long standing vacation that could not be rescheduled. Bruce’s email address is

    Some of the comments from the incumbents running for re-election really bothered me and I feel compelled to point them out for those of your who may have missed the hugely attended event.

    For example;

    Barry Rubinson noted, when mentioning the new Pickle Ball courts at Liberty Center. (paraphrasing) the Bocci players graciously gave up their courts at Liberty Center ….. Excuse me Barry, those courts had been unused since the building of the center because one end of each station was on a dangerous slope and was never fixed, this no one could play on them!

    Barry also seemed to be in favor of solar covered parking spaces. Each time these have been mentioned, I don’t recall EVER seeing a cost listed  and, in my opinion we have spent far more on the current projects than we should have in the last 2 years so we need to zip the spending for a while.

    Most of the candidates stressed the need for more transparency, yet never mentioned a couple of things that are very non-transparent and I will ask this in the form of a question;

    Why, a year after Covid restrictions on meetings, does ARC still have closed sessions on all their meetings. If you have questions for ARC it must come via email.

    Also, for as long as I can remember Audit Committee meetings are closed to the residents, WHY? What is so secret? Why aren’t ALL committee meeting considered open to all residents? and why don’t they fall under the open meeting law?

    All of the campaign flyers are available in the lobby of Anthem Center and I’m sure, at Independence Center as well as Liberty Center. You can pick them up and learn about all the residents running for the 4 open seats.


    Rana Goodman

    By Forrest Quinn


    Sunday’s Board candidate debate provided insight into why we have record assessment increases. The three incumbent Board candidates seemed listless, confused, and unconcerned. They frequently asked the debate monitor to repeat questions. Even so, they often didn’t answer the question and resorted to off-topic answers. None offered anything new or hope for improvement—just more of the same.

    The lack of monthly financial statements was an issue at Sunday’s candidate debate. During the pandemic, SCA switched from monthly to quarterly financial reports. However, Management has yet to resume monthly financial statements despite the pandemic ending.

    Nevertheless, at the debate, the Board incumbents insisted monthly financial results were prepared and posted to SCA’s website. This is untrue. Go to SCA’s website. Under “Resources,” then under “Financial Information,” and then “Financial Reports.” There are no 2023 monthly financial statements. Furthermore, in 2022, I followed the legal process by submitting document requests for monthly financial statements. Management summarily denied my requests.


    During the debate, Board incumbents condescendingly told SCA residents to attend SCA’s monthly Finance Committee meetings to see SCA’s monthly financial reports. So, every month 13,000 residents should drive to the Anthem Center and squeeze into a room with 25 chairs to save Management the trouble of posting financial information online.   YES, THIS IS THE RAZOR-SHARP LOGIC THAT’S DECIDING YOUR ASSESSMENTS.

    Management posts monthly financial statements well AFTER a quarter is over. At that point, the information is 60-90 days too old. The very purpose of accounting is to provide timely and insightful information so problems can be quickly identified and corrected. Sixty to ninety days late is unacceptable. In addition, the summary statements are omitted for the last three months of 2023, making the financial reports nearly unreadable.



    Steve, Mr President and Mr Anderson
    Now that three of your board members stated at the Forum that monthly financials are being done then for God’s sake post them on website in a timely manner. When I was a Controller in my early days monthly financials were ready and available on the 5th business day after closing the previous month.
    And Mr. Quinn is correct that they have not been posted nor available when requested and your colleagues and CFO are clearly incompetent.Homeowners deserve better.
    Please be responsive and get this fixed immediately. If you need a board motion, get it done by taking action without a meeting consistent with that provision in the governing documents. Thank you sir. Enough of the BS.There are no more excuses.
    And the STONEWALLING and incompetence of the accounting function that as Forrest Quinn states should cause termination of CFO. Get a competent Controller for a lot less money. You have to account for Restaurant on a monthly basis if you intend to tightly observe and you do not have the right people in place who can not even configure the statements correctly.
    Make the change now. Please. Homeowners deserve accurate and timely accountings and the transparency of governance. If the board cared about financial responsibility they’d be all over this. Stop the STONEWALLING! Post within 5 business days and if this CFO cannot deliver timely and accurate financials replace her.

    Martin Winger

    Thanks for the insight and updates regarding these candidates…  We need to keep the lunacy to a minimum.

    Covered parking?  Maybe we could get a few mil from the government to do that?


    alan h

    If the covered parking was covered in solar panels Biden would pay for them.

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