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    Rana Goodman


    Our friend and fellow resident Charlie Wong, mentioned an idea he has for our shuttered restaurant space in Anthem Center. Personally I LOVE IT and want to know what you all think about this.

    With all of the negative vibes around the community these days, we all need to get some fun back into living here, right?

    Remember when we used to have HAPPY HOURS in the lobby in front of the restaurant? Well, the board keeps saying that we, you and I,  are paying $4,000 per month to keep the place closed…. Charlie’s idea is to OPEN THE DARN PLACE and let the CLUBS and RESIDENTS use it.

    The board foolishly gave up our liquor license, but we have booths, tables, comfy chairs and the best view in the valley, why are we not allowed to enjoy it?  CLUBS should be able to reserve it for party’s as should residents. When not reserved, it should be open for anyone to sit, especially in the evening and enjoy a magnificent view.

    Were a club to reserve it would it be wonderful if the association also moved the piano that sits idle back stage in the grand ballroom into the lobby once again so that a club could hire a pianist to play on the weekends for a REAL happy hour for all to enjoy. We could bring our own wine or beer and get to know our neighbors….. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring some smiles back to Anthem?


    Rana and Charlie,

    What a wonderful idea for such a beautiful, but sadly maligned space; some might even call it a blight on the community.  We moved here in 2003, and it was indeed like living on a cruise ship with all the bells and whistles.  Chocolate fountains delighted us at New Years, as did all the warmth and friendship a newly-retired couple desired.

    Health issues required our leaving in 2012, but we had been too busy with our own issues to be aware of how things had deteriorated prior to our departure.  If we had, we would not have made the fateful decision to return to SCA when our health improved in 2015.  It was a shock to our systems when we returned and found that the conditions had worsened here, not improved.  All the happiness of those early years had been replaced with rancor and despair.  The cruise ship had become a garbage scow, and nothing seems to have been done to reverse the trend until now.

    Fresh ideas like Charlie’s are a welcome change from authoritarian edicts of more regulation and hoops to jump through.  We need a return to “the good old days”, not a trip into a swamp where outsiders tell us what we want.  We need the recall now; WE WANT OUR COMMUNITY BACK.  WE WANT TO MAKE SCA GREAT AGAIN.

    Rana Goodman

    I echo your reply Richard and feel much the same. I too loved the old days, dinners at Trumpets, drinks by the piano early in the evening, chatting and making new friends before things got as they are today….. I used to marvel at the friendliness of people on the street, I don’t even see that any longer…. Sad isn’t it.


    Ann Bocchino

    What a great idea!  Unfortunately great ideas don’t seem to move forward lately in our community; hopefully this one will.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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