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    Rana Goodman

    The SCA restaurant team intends to present a motion at the March 22, 1:30 pm BOD meeting
    recommending that SCA board vote on the issue of utilizing the restaurant space as a restaurant OR convert it to some other use. It is my opinion that this should go to a vote of the people in light of the many restaurant failures in the past. If you agree with me, or if you feel differently,  please be at that meeting and make your opinion heard.  With a large subsidy, the possibility of no longer having a smoke free environment, and/or our many clubs may no longer get to choose who will cater their events…….More than 7 people should make that choice… It should be WE THE PEOPLE.. The people who pay, the people who VOTE and inevitably the people who SHOULD decide what happens in that space……

    The following is the message from the Board Book that has been posted.

    If the board votes to convert the space, more work must be done to specifically define that alternative.If the board votes for a restaurant, discussion will take place related to “operating parameters” for the restaurant. This would include issues such as:

    1. Should the restaurant operate on a 24/7 schedule?
    2. Should the restaurant have gambling?
    3. Should the restaurant allow smoking?
    4. Should the restaurant only be used by SCA members and their guests?
    5. Should the restaurant be subsidized to some extent – being mindful of the impact on the 1120H tax filing status?
    6. Should the restaurant be given exclusive catering rights?
    7. What should be the Coffee Corner operating hours?

    If the board alone  votes on all of these issues, SCA will then have operating parameters for the restaurant.

    After the March BOD meeting, the parameters can then be discussed with the companies that have submitted bids to operate a restaurant.

    The Board meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. in the Delaware Room at Anthem Center.


    OMG, here we go again.  Deciding an extremely important matter right before the new board is elected.  We’ve waited this long, why not a little while longer?  This is absolutely ridiculous.

    This is too important a decision not to put it to a vote of all residents.  I believe only a small number of residents want a new restaurant.   I am not one of them and have never made that a secret.

    And, why in the world would any restaurant want to stay open 24/7 in a senior community where most of us are in bed by 10PM?  Where are they going to get their customers?  We do not have immediate access to the rest of the Vegas Valley and who the heck would want to come up here anyway when there are so many restaurants with gambling available all over Henderson/Las Vegas?  We are not going to get tourists and residents in other communities are going to go close to home.  We have places to gamble in our grocery stores, some of our drug stores and restaurants in our shopping centers.

    This whole thing is terribly flawed and I don’t think the majority of SCA residents want to spend their hard earned and saved funds on something they will never use.

    If they want to allow smoking, it would be illegal if the smoking area was not completely enclosed.  It would also need it’s own entrance from the outside so that smoke does not drift into the Gallery and the rest of Anthem Center.   And what about security in Anthem Center?  I, for one, do not want outsiders roaming our facility at all hours of the day and night.

    And as to Clubs having to use this restaurant for catering, that is absurd.  We have too many ethnic clubs for them to obtain catering to their tastes.

    Let’s talk about Buckman’s.  It is a beautiful restaurant, good food, same gorgeous view as Anthem Center and I, personally, have always been happy with their catering.  As an officer of the Entertainment Club, I object being told where we go for our catering services.


    Rana Goodman

    Get this addition to the rules from our General Manager… She strolled into a club meeting yesterday, wed 3/21 and announced as of that day no clubs may have pot luck events in case “someone chokes on a chicken bone or something and it becomes a liability for the association”…. W.T.H? Why not order all of us into wheel chairs, that way they won’t have to worry about “slip and falls” either…..

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