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    Rana Goodman

    Watching the “goings on” with the Sun City Anthem board, I had to ask myself if telling fibs to cover up things that you know are wrong has just become the natural order of things?

    I sat at my desk while on the phone with a dear friend, she was repeating to me what a board member told her as the reason they absolutely HAD to have an independent CPA firm count the recall ballots. My friend sincerely believed this director, after all, she had known this person for a very long time, why would they lie?

    I tried to explain that this reason made no sense, however I gave my word that I would double check this tale with the authorities and get back to her as quickly as possible. Here is the story as she related it to me;

    Since a “A board member had met with the ombudsman who explained that the law had changed and since the recall proponents had filed a ‘no confidence’ report against Ms. Seddon, she could not oversee the election committee counting the ballots. Under the new law, the ombudsman could not send someone to do the job either, so they had no choice but to use the CPA firm.”

     I sent an e-mail to NRED asking the ombudsman what new statute this might be, as did the owner of Anthem Opinions. Mr. Foger, the ombudsman for the state, replied this morning and stated that the only SCA board member that he has spoken to is Nona. He said what my friend was told is a total fabrication.

    He also told us that the complaints that have been filed against the SCA directors by numerous residents are currently with NRED’s investigation unit and we should be hearing back from them shortly.

    Bottom line, there is absolutely NO REASON that the counting of the ballots cannot be handled as any other election is handled, by our election committee and volunteers. Any logical thinking human being would know that since the recall proponents have made over-spending a major issue, counting in-house would not be something they would find objectionable.

    The waste of “tens of thousands of dollars” to an outside CPA is!

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