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A LETTER TO SCA from The Foundation Assisting Seniors

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    Rana Goodman

    Friends and Neighbors:

    In the 15 years the Foundation Assisting Seniors has been serving Sun City Anthem, its participation in local events has never been refused.  With the advent of Sandy Seddon and this SCA board of directors the Foundation has been attacked and put under severe strain. The board has made statements and claims in public meetings that are far-fetched, erroneous or at best grossly misleading. Unfortunately, some believe them, severely damaging FAS’ reputation and interfering with our ability to provide services, at no cost, to our senior clients.

    Since SCA terminated the FAS affiliation agreement, we have seen the demand for service from SCA residents rise by more than 50%. FAS is meeting the demand.  FAS is now providing its services directly to SCA residents; including transportation, maintenance, durable medical equipment, counseling, etc. The Foundation van is out up to 6 days per week servicing every SCA request.

    In a letter received October 3, from Sandy Seddon, (attached) she denied the Foundation’s right to participate in the Craft Fair returning its check.  Resident Carol Chapman paid for the table for the upcoming Craft Fair to sell tickets for the October 29th FAS Basket Raffle to be held at Green Valley Resort.  There are no rules or regulations that prevent outside groups from participating in the Craft Fair.  This continuing attack on FAS is unprecedented. SCA allows others like Neighborhood Watch (an HPD program) which is similarly situated to participate.

    Basket Raffle tickets are available from the FAS office located in the Community Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Building, next to SCA TV.  For details go to http://www.foundationassistingseniors.org or call 725 244.4200.

    The Foundation Assisting Seniors began its life right here in Sun City Anthem in 2002. It was founded by Sun City Anthem residents. It has made over 100,000 assists just to SCA residents over the 15 years it has been active. It has never participated in nor taken an active part in any SCA politics and has never supported one candidate or issue over another. To date, it has not participated in the removal election.  Perhaps that should change considering that the Foundation is being singled out by Ms. Seddon and the SCA Board while other outside entities are allowed to participate. This is, in our judgement, prejudicial and vengeful and will result in nothing less than harming our SCA seniors. This is an example of corporate bullying at its worst. Keep in mind, 97% of the assists made by the Foundation are made right here in Sun City Anthem and, 15 of its 20 trustees are Sun City Anthem Residents.

    Yesterday, as is the tradition of service by the Foundation, FAS donated 100 pieces of Durable Medical Equipment to senior victims of the recent hurricane in Houston. The DME donated by the Foundation to the seniors of Houston is being packed by the McGoverns at the UPS Store in the Smith Center and shipped, at no charge, to Houston as part of a Las Vegas humanitarian effort.

    In 2003 the Foundation submitted a grant proposal to Pulte for a community service building.  Pulte accepted the proposal.  The Foundation President negotiated the design of the building, a building worth more than $550,000, to house the Foundation and services it started; SCA TV, Community Service, and Emergency Preparedness (all originally part of the Foundations Community Service Building). The result was that the building would be provided to the Foundation, with Pulte’s condition that the space would be dedicated to FAS so long as it serves SCA seniors.  This was evidenced by the original plans showing and referencing the Foundation space allocation. This term was accepted by SCA and was documented by a board resolution at the SCA Board meeting in April 2007. The Foundation Assisting Seniors has served and will continue to serve the SCA community as long as it is able..

    Now ask yourself this question, what has Ms. Seddon and/or this SCA board done to help anybody here at Sun City? except themselves.

    The Foundation is being harassed, lied to, misrepresented, bullied, and sued by this board,  without the required member approval For what? We believe it is because Ms. Seddon and this SCA board want additional space for staff, or because they think they have the power and are out to harm the Foundation. Is this how SCA should be managed?

    The Foundation Assisting Seniors continues to do the job that it set out to do 15 years ago and with your help we will continue to do so.

    Thank you for your continued support.


     M. Favil West, President

    The Foundation Assisting Seniors

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