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    This is an editorial and my opinion on what has transpired over the eleven plus years that I have lived in Sun City Anthem, however, there is growing support from other homeowners that feel the same way as I do and are verbal about it.

    We have seen one board of directors after another who have been laced with totally incompetent directors who have proven clueless as to how to be good and responsible leaders.  Furthermore, they have out and out lied their way into being elected by making empty promises to the homeowner voters and once in power, have morphed into making irresponsible decisions, have shown no semblance of fiduciary duty, nor given even a passing thought to displaying morals, conscience and doing what is best for the homeowners.  They have also blatantly ignored the many professionally talented people residing in our community who have a wealth of expertise to offer and guide these boards into making responsible decisions.  They have ruled SCA as a collective autocracy rather than guide our community in a democratic and morally responsible manner.  Homeowners have been treated as merely a source of monies for them to spend foolishly and irresponsibly.

    My parents always taught me that often people spew empty words and to look at their actions which are very revealing as to their ulterior motives.  Throughout this length of time, we have seen retribution taken on those who have had the fortitude to speak out and protest, which has always fallen on deaf ears.  Also, to be fair, some of the culpability lies with the homeowners themselves who had buried their collective heads in the sand, year after year, either not voting, nor even making an attempt to become knowledgeable as to the mounting issues negatively impacting everyone living in our community.  This has grown to the major proportions that we see now, resulting in the first recall of members of a board in the history of SCA.

    Since most previous and present members of boards are for the most part, unresponsive to homeowner concerns and only consider their self-granted power even if state laws are continually broken by their wanton and destructive acts, we have now come to a crossroads as to how much longer we, the people, will allow continued destructive behavior by those in power.

    To promote previous and the present boards’ outrageous conduct, we have the “minister of board propaganda, who is continually writing half-truths, outright lies on his web site and considers himself the only accurate source of information in this community. (more like disinformation)  He is anything but that, however, that is a story for another day. He does excel in one area and that is attacking, trying to degrade, and demoralize any individual who dares to stand up to him.  If the recall is successful and/or good, knowledgeable and moral people are elected to the next board, he will no longer have any creditability with many homeowners, something which is long overdue.  His favorite intended targets are women (victims) because in my humble opinion, he often is too cowardly to pursue a man who might call his bluff and/or become physically confrontational if that man’s “woman” is the intended target.

    If anyone has the fortitude to read through the board book on line, you will see how much money has been and is currently being wasted as some of our expenses have skyrocketed because of poor leadership.

    Everyone who cares about their home investment, wants to start to enjoy living in this community unencumbered by the increasing stranglehold on our daily lifestyle by the board and general manager, now needs to become informed as to this increasingly sad situation.

    The ultimate power lies with the homeowners and it is up to us to take back our community before it is too late!    



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