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June 22nd SCA Board Meeting AGENDA: (See New Business)

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    Rana Goodman


    June 22, 2017 – 1:30 PM    Delaware Room, Anthem Center


    1. CALL TO ORDER Arthur Lindberg
    2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Arthur Lindberg
    3. QUORUM Arthur Lindberg


    Board of Directors:

    Rex Weddle President,  Arthur Lindberg Vice President, Aletta Waterhouse Secretary

    Forrest Quinn Treasurer,  Bob Burch Director, Tom Nissen Director,  Nona Tobin Director


    Sandy Seddon General Manager,  Jim Orlick Chief Financial Officer,  Lori Martin Community Association CAM

    Anneliese Gamboa Executive Coordinator

    1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Aletta Waterhouse
    2. June 22, 2017 board meeting
    3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Aletta Waterhouse
    4. May 25, 2017 Board Meeting



    SCA Members are now welcome to speak on any agenda item. If you choose, you may reserve your comments until that item is reached on the agenda and the President or acting Meeting Chair asks for comments from the floor.

    Cards are available before and during the meeting to assure your recognition on the item you wish to address. These cards need to be completed and given to the Executive Coordinator in advance. In order for everyone who wishes to speak to have an opportunity to do so, comments will be limited to two minutes.

    When recognized by the president, approach the microphone and state your full name and your SCA address. Be brief and concise. Comments are to be directed to the entire Board. The president may interrupt or terminate a member’s statement if it is personal, abusive, obscene, irrelevant or exceeds the time limit.


    1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT Arthur Lindberg

     Fitness,   Activities,   Facilities,   CMC Projects

    1. FINANCIAL REPORTS (Action May Be Taken) Jim Orlick
    2. Unaudited Financial Report
    3. Investment Report
    4. Collections Report
    5. Review of Write‐Offs of Bad Debt
    7. CONSENT CALENDAR (Action May Be Taken)

    The Board of Directors may take action on all consent calendar items with one motion, accepting the

    recommendations as stated on the agenda item. The consent calendar may include Committee reports, Service Group reports and/or Ad‐Hoc Work/Advisory Group reports that may not contain Board action items.

    1. Accept the monthly committee reports:
    2. Architectural Review
    3. Audit
    4. Community Lifestyle
    5. Covenants
    6. Election
    7. Facilities and Landscape
    8. Finance
    9. Community Patrol
    10. Community Neighborhood Watch Program
    11. Community Service Group
    12. Emergency Preparedness Service Group
    13. Guest Policy Task Force
    14. Sun City Anthem Television
    15. Pinnacle/Villa Advisory Group
    16. Volunteer Coordinator
    17. Website Development and Launch Work Group


    2. Election Committee – Approval of change to the Board Policy Manual (item 7.11.2)
    3. too allow the Election Committee to bring on new members as needed throughout

    the year.

    1. Finance Committee – Approval of Robert Haughty and Michael Quinn as new

    members of the Finance Committee for a two‐year term beginning July 1, 2017 and

    ending June 30, 2019.


    1. BOARD ACTION ITEMS (Action May Be Taken)

    BAI #06‐22‐2017‐01 Approve the replacement of (1) non‐illuminated ” Sun City

    Anthem ” sign, including letters with Sun logo and 23 light

    fixtures from Nevada Sign Inc. and Swift Electrical in the amount

    of $14,404.50 to be paid from Reserves.


     None


    1. NEW BUSINESS (Action May Be Taken)
    2. TULIP Insurance
    3. Motion to suspend the current requirements for vendor insurance, licensing, and


    1. “No insurance, security, or business license requirements are to be

    implemented that hurt SCA’s ability to achieve the expected result of the

    organization as defined in BPM 2A (a variety of entertainment options) unless

    the actual claims history at SCA specifically involving vendors is documented

    to be significant enough to warrant the new requirement and there is no

    feasible, less burdensome alternative that would resolve the issue while

    better promoting a sense of well‐being and community among the



    1. Motion to direct GM to develop a protocol allowing emails or other written materials

    be included in the minutes of the Executive Board without the individual being

    present at the Board meeting.


    1. Approve a motion reaffirming the SCA Board’s commitment that all

    communication channels between the Members and the SCA Board should be

    enlarged beyond the minimum level required by law.


    1. Approve a motion directing the General Manager to develop a protocol for

    incorporating Member comments, whether written or oral, into the official

    record such that they are easily accessible for the Board’s use to consider in

    its current and future deliberations, and further, which avoid unnecessary

    limitations to the SCA Board’s full access, either now or in the future, to the

    diversity of perspectives in the community needed to fully inform their

    deliberations or that place undue burdens on any Member’s right to be heard.

    1. Motion for 2017 Board training and development.


    1. Approve a motion to schedule a special Board meeting prior to November 30,

    2017 for the Board training on NRS 116 and on the duties and responsibilities

    of SCA Board members to be held at Sun City Anthem utilizing trainers offered

    by free of charge by the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED), open to

    interested members, and with training materials published on our SCAHOA.

    org website.


    1. Approve a motion to schedule additional Board training prior to November

    30, 2017 on the Policy Governance Method approved, as adapted for SCA, by

    the 2014 SCA Board of Directors with funding provided from the 2017 SCA

    training budget, supplemented with funds saved by accepting NRED’s free

    seminars, and, if necessary, by a 2017 budget amendment.


    1. Motion to reconsider the approved motion from the May 25, 2017 Board meeting

    regarding the acceptance of the December 31, 2016 Audited Financial Statements

    and Management letter.


    1. Motion to meet the audit goal of enhancing in SCA’s financial reporting, SCA’s Board

    of Directors votes to reject SCA’s 2016 Audited Financial Statements dated 4/25/17

    until the Audit’s Financial Statements are presented in a manner similar to SCA’s

    Summary Main Operating Fund, as shown in Exhibit #2 of Management’s monthly

    Financial Report.



    Members are encouraged to comment on any Association issue. Please state your name and limit your comments to two minutes.

    In accordance with the Resolution Establishing Parliamentary Procedures adopted by this Board in April 2012,

    “Attacks on the character, veracity, integrity or intelligence of other individuals will not be permitted.”


    1. NEXT BOARD MEETING – July 27, 2017
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