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Jan 25, 2024 SCA President’s Report

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    Rana Goodman

    SCA President’s Report 1/25/2024

    By Steve Anderson

    Welcome to everyone here in Freedom Hall and to those of you who are attending online.  I hope that everyone is off to a great New Year.  While that is my wish, I know that there are individuals in our community who are struggling with health issues either for themselves or for their loved ones.  Further, I know that a number of you are dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one.  A hallmark of Sun City Anthem is that we are known as a caring community, and to remind you to look around and reach out in a caring way to those who may not be off to a great New Year.

    The Board has had a busy start to the year.  Our Treasurer, Audit Committee, and management have been involved in their respective roles to carry out the yearly audit of SCA.  The audit is being carried out by our new audit firm and they have instilled great confidence in their professionalism. Once the audit is completed, they will then prepare our taxes for 2023.

    Management and the Board have discussed the priorities for reserve projects during the year and I have been impressed by the pro activeness of the work plan for dealing with both the over 70 A/C units on our 3 centers and the problems we are experiencing with cracks on the sports courts.

    This past week facilities staff have been having onsite meetings with several large mechanical engineering firms to first do a thorough audit of all of our units and to then develop the soundest plan to implement their replacement and the equipment to install.  Similarly with the sports courts, we will be hiring engineers to do sub surface imagery and to take soil samples to determine the best route to rehabilitating or replacing our sports courts.  While you may note that the reserve study has set aside approximately $5 million for sports court replacement, we want to develop a plan based on a subsurface analysis, whether the court needs replacement over a five year period, could be coated with a rubberized surface or to utilize new technology and products for crack sealing.  While these studies will result in incurring some upfront costs, in the end we firmly believe that we will be able to come up with more cost-effective solutions that will save us reserve funds in the end.

    Last Tuesday, management along with a few board members and representatives of the Villas opened the bids for the turf removal and landscaping of the front and sides of three of the four villa communities.  These bids are now being leveled and we will award a contract during an extra called open board meeting to be held Friday, February 9.  Finally, this project will get started and there will be an end to the raking of leaves and pine needles in the Villas.

    The Board is being proactive in looking at issues and risks to the association associated with our difficulty in obtaining an adequate level of D&O (Director’s and Officer’s) Insurance.  The Board is also busy in updating the Board Policy Manual and in getting ready for the Board’s annual evaluation of the COO.

    Last, the Board and management have been collecting detailed information about an integrated data management system from Global NorthStar for possible implementation in the last part of the year.  There would be many benefits to the association in our ability to sell event tickets, provide better report capabilities, and contain a modern up to date website.

    All of what I have just mentioned, have kept us busy along with dealing with the myriad of normal issues that take place on a daily basis.  We actively monitor the progress of the Yorktown Grill and have been pleased with the December financial results that show them coming within a $1000 of their budgeted loss.  The Board recognizes the importance of catering for the success of the restaurant and continue to push marketing ideas.

    We hope the community looks forward to the Valentine Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day menu specials that will be coming in the coming months.

    We know that there are still issues with the theater and training on the new equipment.  We look forward to completing the embarrassingly long delayed new Liberty Pickleball Courts and the delayed cell tower.  While work was halted for the past few days related to the weather, progress can now be seen, and contractors are giving us an end of March timeline for completion of both.

    All of us on the Board have come to realize the complexity of running Sun City Anthem Homeowner’s Association.  It has an enormous number of moving parts.  We are not a one issue enterprise, but rather one with multiple complex issues that take learning and listening to each other and our experts in exercising our “business judgement” responsibilities.

    In closing I end with 1 of the 18 Inspiring New Year Quotes for 2024 from artofpoets.com:

    This year I survived. Next year, I want to:

    Listen actively. Learn actively.
    Forgive freely. Connect genuinely.
    Express gratitude. Practice patience.
    Act authentically. Embrace positivity.
    Challenge assumptions. Set realistic goals.
    And more importantly, live a little more,
    one moment at a time.  artofpoets.com

     Stephen C. Anderson, President

    Board of Directors

    Sun City Anthem Homeowner’s Association

    Nelson Orth

    Garbage – Garbage – Garbage

    I will do my best to ensure that you are not reelected.

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