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Is It Right for ANY Club to Bully a Member?

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    Rana Goodman

    Last year I personally became involved in a dispute with the president of an SCA club that evolved into a very messy association issue that included the Community Lifestyle Committee, (CLC) the SCA board and the association attorney. The dispute went on for several months and was one of the most egregious situations I have ever been involved with.

    Because of that memory I was especially interested in a resident’s issue with another club she belonged to where she was not treated with either kindness or respect from several of the members. When she complained, apparently the club leaders didn’t try to solve the problem, they just removed her from the membership.

    SCA recently initiated a policy where harassment, bully tactics and such are not permitted… rightfully so since we are a community of seniors who are mostly retired and came to this area for a relaxing way of life in addition to great weather most of the year.

    Kindness is not something that a person should have to seek out when joining a club, it should be something that one person naturally offers to others because that is their nature and because that is how they wished to be treated too.

    The lady in question waited two years before rejoining that club and yet nothing had changed, she was once again treated rudely by the same group of women.

    She turned to the board president to know what the process was to work things out, he in return referred her to the Community Lifestyle Committee’s liaison to that particular club. Before she could take the matter to the committee, the club, once again took the easy way out, rather than try to work out a solution, they booted her out of the club once again.

    I think it is important to note that we, the “shareholders” of the association pay our assessment, which in turn goes into the accounts that maintain many aspects of living in a community such as this. A policy was just passed by the board of directors to stop harassment/bully tactics and such. Shouldn’t then these rules, as stated below allow membership in ANY club ”any club is open to all residents with valid activity cards without discrimination”

    These are the guidelines from the association for authorized clubs;

    Membership in any club is open to all residents with valid activity cards without discrimination. Separate clubs for male and female members may be established if desired by both genders, but each gender must have the same opportunity to pursue common interests (e.g., men’s and women’s social clubs, men’s and women’s golf clubs, etc.).


    Club Grievance Procedures

    7.1 General

    A. Grievance issues involve confidential matters. The club board should take every step to ensure the confidentiality of the grievance process.

    B. A grievance may be brought by any member against another member, by the club board against a member, or by a member against the club board of directors, or any member thereof, for activities allegedly detrimental to the club.

    Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: excessive disruptive behavior; physical violence; abusive or obscene language; sexual harassment; unauthorized use of club equipment; failure to follow safety rules; damage to fixtures and/or equipment; action in violation of the club’s bylaws; violation of Association policies, rules, or a provision of the CCG&Rs; violation of any federal, state or local laws or ordinances.

    when an irreconcilable conflict occurs between club members; when a club member engages in activity detrimental to the club’s reputation or operations; or when a club officer or director engages in conduct detrimental to the club, or violates his or her fiduciary duty to the club.

    C. If the grievance is against a member of the club board, the grievance should be directed to the president of the club. If the grievance is directed against the club president, it should be directed to one of the other officers who is not a subject of the grievance. If all board members are subjects of the grievance, the grievance should be directed to the club CLC liaison.

    D. All of the procedures in this chapter apply with respect to grievances concerning members of club SIGs, except as set forth below. Suspension or expulsion of a member from a SIG doesn’t necessarily mean that the member is suspended or expelled from the club. That determination is left to the discretion of the club board.

    7.2 Grievance Process

    A. Step 1 / Informal

    Often there are misunderstandings that are easily resolved. Accordingly, the first step in this process is designed to explore the issues in a way that may lead to a prompt resolution, without the need for any formal process. If a club member feels aggrieved about an issue that arises out of or is related to any club action or activity, the club member must report his or her grievance to the club president or other club officer within 30 days of the alleged incident.

    The report should include the date the problem occurred, a complete description of the problem, and any information necessary for a full and fair resolution of the problem. A response from the club’s president or other officer must be made to the grievant within 14 days of the original report. If the grievant feels the issue is yet unresolved, he/she may proceed to a more formal process (Step 2).

    B. Step 2 / Formal

    1. To commence a formal process, a written grievance must be delivered to the club president or other officer within 14 days of the date that the club member has received a response from a club officer as stated in
    Step 1. The written grievance should set forth a complete description of the facts, including the date the issue arose and any relevant documentation. All information necessary for a full and fair resolution of the issue should be included.

    The club board of directors will then formally put the matter on its agenda for its next regularly scheduled club board meeting, which the grievant will be invited to attend. If the grievance includes criticism of a club officer or director, that officer or director will not participate in any determination by the club board.

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