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    Robert Stern

    For those that have followed the David Berman smears where he attacks me and doesn’t address the issues that I have been writing about you are invited to an open house because unlike the Board and Berman and management I am transparent.

    He attacks me about my past service at Anthem Highlands and repeats the same misstatements over and over and the wrongful characterizations of my actions here at SCA. What is so funny is the SCA manager that he refers to where he challenges my language is out of context. So much so that that manager stated I was entitled to an apology from management and recommended so. Her recommendation was ignored and overruled by Sandy Seddon and began the weaponization of legal counsel against me. Terrible management costing you the homeowner an unnecessary expense.

    If anyone cares, which I suspect no one does, please join me at my home beginning Sunday March 5 from 9 am to 12:30. I will accept the first 50 interested parties that RSVP with their name and phone number to . And in the unlikely event of a full house, I will hold a second one and third till all interest parties get their questions answered.

    I am not the villain. I am providing you honest information and analysis.

    My focus has been on the Board’s Financial Irresponsibility:
    1. 25% increase in 2023 main assessment.
    2. Main Reserves Underfunded
    3. Lack of Transparency.. Board voted to end monthly financial statements in favor of quarterly.
    4. Restaurant deficit financing with apparently a bogus 2023 budget for the restaurant. Management and CFO stonewalling access to information.
    5. Botched Villa Assessment management.
    6. Payroll and Benefits with staggering increases the last two years.
    1. Abuse of power with unequal enforcement of governing documents and weaponization of legal counsel. Failure to honor and respect homeowners’ due process rights.
    2. Incompetent CFO and dysfunctional Audit Committee. Former SCA Treasurer posted( on this site) about a complete restaurant accounting being absent. He’s right.

    So If you want answers bring your questions. Elect candidates who will deliver financial responsibility as the pocketbook you save may be your own. Vote for Pamela Williams, Rick Ernest and Bruce Stanley. Make this election about issues.

    Robert S. Smith

    Greetings Mr Stern…Your desire to inform the residents of SCA about your views is much appreciated…Holding an open house is generous.  Why did you choose to select “Sunday” from 9-12 AM?  How about “Saturday” same time…Actually both days are days of religious observation…and the time is the same for those who attend Services.  My reason for asking is, did you do this purposely?  One way or the other it seems you have used selective JUDGEMENT, seems it was by omission or commission…Either way, no thanks!  If you can’t “Dazzle us with brilliance”, Baffle us with bull shit…Until now you have kept my interest peeked with YOUR FACTS…Your credibility is now severely damaged…


    Robert Stern

    Sorry to have offended you Mr. Smith. Time was short as the Meet and Greet for candidates was coming up and I wanted residents to have an opportunity to be focused on the issues. So I selected a time that worked for me. I am available to talk to you personally either on the phone today or in person at my home on a weekday. Wednesdays are best for me. Lots of responses for Sunday so apparently I didn’t offend everybody. There was no slight intended to you or others of faith.
    Hope to hear from you. Robert

    alan h

    How sad mr. Smith. Some people see subterfuge in everything.

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