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    Rana Goodman

    Thank you Don Manning & Becky Rose for this important “wake-up” notice.

    “SCA NWP It is important that we increase our security precautions at this time.”

    Don Manning, Co-Leader

    Sun City Anthem Neighborhood Watch Program

    SCA Resident Alert

    July 19, 2022

    We are having an exceptional number of burglaries in Sun City Anthem this year, with 18 year-to-date and 5 in just the past few weeks.  For reference, we had 17 in all of 2021.  Although we still have a very low crime rate, we need to increase our precautions and awareness.  Here are steps you can take:

    If you See Something, Say Something.  Call 911 for a crime in progress, or 311 for suspicious activity. Be alert to unusual activities, such as suspicious individuals lurking about.  The HPD wants to hear from you. They need your eyes and ears to help them solve crimes.  Take photos, get license plate numbers, but never confront!

    Most burglaries are occurring shortly after residents leave for a short local trip.  The most common entry is by breaking in the front door.  When you leave home, even for a short time, be aware if anyone may be watching.  Be sure your home is secured — all doors locked, video and alarms activated.

    Take the home security steps that are presented in the following links:

    • Henderson PD 9-minute Home Security Video:
    • NWP 7-minute home security video
    • HPD Home Security Seminar in SCA on July 12:  This is 90 minutes long but is well worth your time.  Great information on home security!
    • If someone knocks on your door, or bangs on your window at night, make it known that someone is home.  Turn on the lights; yell “I’m, calling the police” and then do so.   If you do not, the burglar will think that nobody is home, and break in.
    • If there is no trash container put out on trash day, it is a clue that nobody is home.  If your neighbor is away, put one of your trash cans in front of their home, or ask a neighbor to do this for you if you’re away.  Also, remove newspapers if neighbors are away. Make the home look occupied.  We know that potential burglars look for these clues.

    Very important —  have a secure safe for your guns and valuables.  Otherwise, keep them in a hidden and not obvious place.

    Video cameras are a great deterrent and a great help to the HPD in solving crimes.  Consider installing video doorbells or motion-sensitive cameras at your home.  And join the HPD CAPTURE program to help them solve crimes.

    John Forsythe

    I believe in the best interest of the residents of SCA, the board should investigate installing CCTV surveillance system in each neighborhood. CCTV has become an important crime prevention and security measure. Cameras collect images and transfer them to a monitoring-recording device where they are available to be watched, reviewed and/or stored. CCTV is a situational measure that enables remote surveillance of a locale. This makes it possible for the police and other law and regulatory agencies such as private security to respond to incidents when alerted and to have information about what to look for when they arrive. The storing of images facilitates post-incident analysis that may be helpful to an investigation. There would be no need for anyone to monitor the system, just have it available for the police to review when needed and Cloud storage is inexpensive

    Martin Winger



    As a person who is both second generation electronic security (credentials available) and owner of a security company for over 5 years, you might be interested in knowing that you might get ready to spend tens of thousands of long term dollars for such an investment.  I suggest that if you feel the need to have CCTV, you might find a worthy company to provide you with all the video devices that you need to operate as you mentioned.  Its not hard and it will offer you, the user and owner so much CCTV for your property.  Too ask for a community to do so is not something I feel is necessary or important enough to spend countless dollars for your request.

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