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    I am here, I am there, I am almost everywhere.
    I am in the mountains, the valleys, and even in the air.
    I am the blood of the earth, flowing through its veins.
    I treat its wounds, I renew, by sending healing rains.
    As I replenish all things, I am borrowed, but not consumed.
    My destiny is of endless missions that are forever assumed.

    I flow down the winding streams, in a rush to another place.
    I am the tears of joy that trickle down your face.
    I am there to touch the seeds that flower under the sun.

    I feed them before they are born, and do until their time is done.
    I am more of what you are, than any other earthly thing.
    I am part of what sustains you, I keep you under my wing.

    I lay in wait, just beneath the barren desert sands.
    Upon my vast oceans, I carry the ships to far-away lands.
    The rocks of time feel the power of my crashing waves.
    While locked in battle, is it they or I, who become enslaved?
    On my appointed journey, I deposit their grains wherever I will.
    What kind of object can stand, and forever hold me still.

    I quench the fire that threatens, and bestow more help than harm.
    Thunder will signal my arrival, before my rainbow shows its charm.
    If at times it seems I carry life away, while often in its prime.
    Lest we forget, I am an instrument, of God’s appointed time. time.
    Gravity is my constant ally, I feel the nudge to move along.
    My home is ever changing, no place that I go, to forever belong.

    What lives in you, once lived in others, I was to all the same.
    In good or in evil, my intended purpose was not for blame.
    All I ever was, I still am, since all things came to be.
    I am the water, in all things from clouds to salty sea.
    As my horizon attracts the sun, come sit with me to dwell,
    From the time I turned to wine, for a sip from the Holy Grail.


    Time is irrelevant to water. Put it in a vessel made of anything, metal, stone, or any earthly substance and time will release it. If it goes into the air by evaporation, temperature releases it and down it comes. Our bodies are 70% water. If the biblical phrase is true, then if “dust thou art, then to dust thou shall return,” the question arises as to where the water goes. Have you ever considered that the 70% of you being water is not the same water for even one minute. Every person who ever existed is truly a part of all things and all things are a part of us. Is it not so that water in us today existed in someone hundreds of years ago. Water can be mixed and contaminated but it does not disappear.

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