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    Rana Goodman

    I just completed reading a post by another blogger who, it seems may not remember some of SCA’s history in the realm of staff vs. residents. He has deemed one of our board candidates guilty of harassing a staff member and causing her to leave her position here, although he didn’t witness the event so he does not actually know for a fact what happened that day. Here is a little refresher course about such an incident I have never been able to forget.

    In the days when SCA board meetings drew many residents in attendance including myself. That particular afternoon, as the meeting was coming to an end, I headed down front to catch a friend who was standing at the microphone ready to speak to the board members who were still on the stage, (board meetings were held in Freedom Hall at that time).

    My friend started to speak and the board president, Jack Troia at the time, told my friend he had his chance and the meeting was over.

    My friend walked over to the CAM, tapped her lightly on the shoulder and said, (paraphrasing)  please tell him I have the right to speak, I want to correct what the previous lady said. The CAM jumped up from her seat and replied You heard him, the meeting is over, she then walked out of  the hall. My friend and I left then too.

    I know this is true since I was standing right behind my friend when this took place..….. The following day he phoned me and told me that he had just received a letter stating that “he had assaulted the CAM by viciously grabbing her shoulder.

    Much happened following that, things I don’t want to get into by rehashing it all, but I will give you the ending…. My friend asked for a public hearing on the issue that should never have been a board issue to begin with since “an assault” is something that the police should have taken care of.

    At that public hearing, in spite of the fact that I had given a sworn deposition to my friend’s attorney, the board never allowed the attorney or myself to speak, in spite of the fact that the state has that right under the Nevada Revised Statutes. A resident has the right to a public hearing, to an attorney and to call witnesses.

    Bottom line, my friend was found guilty by the board, most of whom were not even still in the meeting hall. They banned my friend from all community property and events for three months, those months included Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. My friend and his wife have had no participation in our community since that time. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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