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    Rana Goodman

    By Dan Roberts

    Once again, there seems to be some misinformation from “that blogger.” As usual, there was more to the story.

    Background: New SCA Board of Director and my PILL (partner in love & life) Rana Goodman finally made the decision to cut-out “that blogger” from her life. While she wishes him no ill-will, he is now a “non-entity.”

    When directors were informed of the new annual Board photo shoot, besides being photographed by SCA information coordinator Andrew Leary, “that blogger” was also included to take pictures. Rana informed the other members, that keeping to her principles, she would not agree to sit or do anything with “that blogger.”

    Let’s be clear: Rana did not throw a hissy fit, nor demand anything. She even advised Board members that there would be no hard feelings or problems if the photo was taken without her.

    (As an aside: Does anyone really believe that blogger’s statement that “I place(d) the good of the community above my own, so I was more than willing to step aside… Wouldn’t you like to have been that proverbial fly on the wall when he was told? But I digress.)

    Anyway, contrary to “that blogger’s” concerns he is wrong that SCA is “entering a period of internal warfare during which some directors will pick and choose who they will represent in Sun City Anthem.”

    Have no concerns, it will be just the opposite.

    I have absolutely no doubt that my Rana will go above and beyond to represent all homeowners – each and every one. So those worried can take down that blogger’s “yellow caution flag.”

     There will, however, be a giant red stop sign over the blogger’s long held attitudes to residents that:

    1. He (and only he) is a Board member who should make decisions; and
    2. He (and only he) is in charge of SCA staff and management; and
    3. He (and only he) is the definitive heart and brains of SCA; and finally
    4. He (and only he) speaks for SCA.

    And one last thing for “that blogger” – and it consists of both good and bad news for him:

     The good news: No matter how vile, demeaning and mean-spirited his future blogs will be (and you know they will) under no circumstances will Rana respond.

     The bad news: I will.

    Dan Roberts



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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