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    Rana Goodman

    The judge that presided and is responsible for the guardianship scandal (and was subsequently removed from all cases) has the audacity to submit his application to be selected to the Nevada Court of Appeals. For him to seek a promotion (instead of an indictment) would be an insult to all the work & efforts The Vegas Voice and Rana has accomplished in the guardianship scandal.

    I need your help/assistance/guidance in alerting  readers/the public/your friends and fellow seniors to immediately submit an email in opposition. I realize most people will not submit letters but hoping they will the attached “cut and paste” so that they spend no more than a minute of their time….

    I need to get 500 of these letters to the Commission by no later than 1/4/19.

    I would not be bothering you before the holidays, but this is indeed urgent. If we can “stop” his appointment it would be a God send to seniors everywhere. Can you imagine one of our cases going to the appellate court with him on the bench?

    This is our draft of the letter to the Judicial committee tasked with picking the top three applicants. Once those three are chosen their names will then be sent to Governor elect Steve Sisolak for him to name the new Appellate judge. Please “copy and paste” the email to the committee of Judicial Selection or write your own email.

    Please email to:

    Robin Sweet –     Debra Crews –

    Please copy me so that I can track the number of protest sent


    To: Commission on Judicial Selection

    Re: Opposition to Charles Hoskin for selection to the Nevada Court of Appeals.

    I/We wish to add our names to those opposed to Charles Hoskin’s application to the Commission on Judicial Selection – Nevada Court of Appeals.

    As no doubt the Commission is aware, Mr. Hoskin was removed as the presiding judge over all Clark County guardianship cases when the scandal became public. This scandal was and remains a disgrace to the Nevada guardian and judicial systems.

    It was under his “oversight” that the abuse and scandal flourished. From his total malfeasance in failing to require private professional guardians to file the required annual accounting, to his (at best) “willful ignorance” of these guardians destroying individuals and families, it is abundantly clear that Judge Hoskin is unfit to be appointed to the Court of Appeals.

    I/We urge the commission to reject his application.

    Thank you


    Your name here: 

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