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    Rana Goodman

    It looks like a fellow blogger is dusting off the history books to find things he can beat the drum about, as he attempts to garner votes for those he thinks should get our vote. As usual though, he leaves out what he hopes no one will remember.

    I have lived here since 2003 and even though my memory lacks recall of why I walked into a room some days, as well as what the heck I was searching for, I do remember the issue of the hiking trail very well.

    At that time, I had been driving over to the base of the trail daily at different times to count the number of parked cars lined up on the street at the Shadow Canyon entrance of the trail. I took photos of all the out of state cars as well as the number of vehicles there too.

    Many residents at the time were up in arms about the parking and traffic there. The city then made a small parking area that fits just a few cars. Forrest Fetherolf was just one of many residents of that area against that trail entry.

    To go that far back looking for reasons the blogger feels a person is not a good fit for the board just shows the character of the person in attack mode.

    I will look back in much more recent history to show the reasons I will dispute the blogger’s glowing endorsement of candidate Linow.

    A little more than a year ago there was a dispute at an executive session between the president of a club and me, that turned into a very nasty back and forth until the board’s attorney was brought into it.

    The standing rule drummed into each new board member by the attorney is that things are discussed in executive sessions remain there.  Ms. Linow chose to share the issue with that very same blogger and the club president. When confronted, at first, she denied doing so but eventually she admitted it.

    Under normal circumstances it would have ended there but after the blogger published the goings on and making things escalate even more, it took months to bring the issue to a close.

    In my opinion, it is very difficult to give an honest unbiased opinion of a friend’s worthiness to take a seat on any board of directors. Also in my opinion, it is foolish to claim someone is an “expert” in HOA management etc. without looking at pros and cons. I wonder why that incumbent held so many positions across the valley, why did she leave jobs she was so proud to hold…. Just saying!.

    Martin Winger

    Seems our community pariah is in full swing now that he thinks he can take advantage of the proverbial “don’t waste a good crisis.”  He actually found some ancient issue that he thinks in his sick mind to throw against the wall hoping it sticks.

    Note too the amount of responders he gets as to his blogs….ZERO!

    He also is supporting a person that on the surface has almost done nothing in her life except to have a career in board membership…is there a degree in high school for that?

    This might be a good turning point for the community and some live action giving us a forceful awaking.

    Elizabeth Breier

    Love the article Rana. Martin your response is spot on.


    Can someone please privately message me and let me know who this upstart is and where he posts? I am fairly new to Anthem (2 years ) and live in SCA. We love SCA and want the best governance and leadership we can have.

    This election will be the first one we’ve been involved in and my wife and I want to be well informed voters. Admittedly, I personally know Forrest and love his honesty and being more of a man of the people than a polished politician.


    Rana Goodman

    Gary – Send me an email at nelsonorth@cox.net, and I will provide you with all of the information you are looking for. I have lived here since 2001.


    For those of you whom are relatively new to Sun City Anthem, and want to know what Forrest Fetherolf and Rana plus others have had to deal with over the years, please allow me to give you some information.

    1.     A Hunger for Power & Dominance

    2.    Devious or Deceptive Tendencies

    3.    Ruthlessness in the Pursuit of Their Goals

    4.    Hostile or Aggressive Towards Others

    5.     Easily Angered or Irritated

    6.     Irresponsible Decision Making

    7.      Superficial Charm & Powers of Persuasion

    8.     Broken Moral Compass or Limited Conscience

    9.     Few Close Bonds or Relationships

    10.   Manipulative Tendencies

    11.    Entitlement & Impunity

    12.   Socially Deviant

    13.    Cheap Thrill-Seeking Tendencies

    14.    Opportunistic in all the Wrong Ways

    15.    Emotional Detachment

    Some of the major traits of this individual who has a long history of  attacking others.  If you need any further explanation, please contact me and I will give you a further explanation.   

    Rana Goodman

    It seems that David Berman believes that I defamed him by posting the truth regarding candidate Wendy Linow’s actions during my time on the SCA board.

    If he truly believes that I committed a civil wrong he is more than free to serve papers on me. If he once again talks without following up, it only demonstrates, like all bullies he is just talk.

    Martin Winger

    Didn’t know I could do this…


    Martin Winger

    So my question is:

    Who is the cowardly M?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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