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    As he stood on the top of a hill
    Looking out over the terrain
    His mind encompassed all in view
    Yet going beyond that which is old
    And that which is new.
    The early morning sun had painted
    With it’s palette and brush
    All that was Mother Earth, all that was lush.

    As he stood there and circled 360 degrees
    All he surveyed as far as the eye could see
    His emotions took hold as he threw his arms
    Above him towards the heavens.
    Questioning the joy of what belonged to him
    At this finite moment in time
    He knew that this magic, this corner of the world
    Would always be etched in his brain as sublime.

    And then his thoughts transcended once again
    To a recent encounter with someone, a possible new friend
    Who revealed the connection he now began to perceive.
    A thought process dividing between dreams
    And what is merely wishing and what is real.
    Questioning these thoughts carefully from every perspective
    To ensure that only the real survived his introspection
    Keeping in check what he now began to feel.


    As she stood on a hill across the country from he
    Surveying as far as her eyes could see
    The sunlight rapidly fading as lights began to twinkle
    Her brows furled in deep concentration and thought.
    Steeped in uncertainty, indecisiveness and questioning
    Where to proceed having learned what life’s lessons had taught
    Could she cast all her fears to the wind, or
    Would she acquiesce or learn from what she had sought.

    The majesty and beauty of so many towering peaks
    With the twinkling valley which lay before her gaze
    Caused a tear or two of appreciation to form
    From all that her gaze has reaped.
    She was alone, oh so very alone and wondered if
    Someone existed who she could share this moment
    A person who could transcend into this perfect scene
    And connect with her senses, visuals and dream.

    It was now dark as she made her way down the hill
    Deeply enmeshed in this thought which gave her chills
    For she now knew what she wanted, what existed in her
    But did another even exist to share the many thoughts
    As to what life in nature’s perfect world was all about
    And would she even risk taking a chance to even seek
    Another to go hand in hand to the towering peak
    Filled with joy, ecstasy, fulfillment, and love.


    He on the one side, and she on the other
    Could they even find the path to be together
    He was embroiled in the fight of his life
    She was recovering from a path filled with strife.
    What would it take for both to move forward
    To seek out and search for that certain person moving the curtain
    Who would move them, shake the earth under them
    And bring contentment, happiness and love for certain.

    Then a strange occurrence happened to the two
    Simultaneously, but individually, a bright light shone
    Showing a path with a unique view
    Individually, they wondered if this could be a solution.
    Would each once again gamble in a world filled with pitfalls
    To seek and to find that which had eluded them all the while
    To bravely traverse the stumbling blocks and mountains
    And finally obtain that which in the distance appeared as a long mile.

    He became determined to put himself out there
    For all to see and comment upon
    She became resolute in her quest in the unknown
    And also at first timidly allowed a public to see
    Who she really is and what she could be.
    Call it destiny, accident or a fluke of nature
    A connection had emerged with the efforts they made
    And the mantle of unhappiness and sorrow has now begun to fade.

    Marcia S. Kosterka

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