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Have You Been to DMV lately?

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    Rana Goodman

    I recently received a reminder that my driver’s license would need to be renewed by my birthday this year, which is the end of May. Knowing how long the wait always is at DMV, I made an appointment and then logged onto the web site to refresh my memory as the the documentation I would need to take with me.

    How many of you still have your Social Security card? since I was about 14 when I got mine, once I finally memorized the number and carried it for years, I took heed to the warnings not to carry it with me.

    Four years ago, when I last renewed my license, I asked for the Real ID and was told I could not have it without showing the actual SS card. It took a while to jog my memory, but I found it and took it along with the items listed on DMV’s web site and off I went.

    When I arrived at DMV an started to enter, a HUGE security guard asked if I had an appointment, lucky me, they were not allowing anyone in without one. Although the inside of the building was packed making me sure it would be hours before I was done, I was thrilled when I looked at my watch as my number was called and saw that only 10 minutes had gone by.

    Once seated at the window indicated, I dutifully handed over my folder that contained all of the needed documents and said I wanted the Real ID this time. Smiling the lady asked for my passport as I stared at her blankly. “That was not listed on the DMV site” I said, she said it most certainly was and I was just about to contradict her when I noticed a document on the glass to my left, THAT list did include the need for a passport and a warning that May 3, 2023 was the deadline to get your Real ID.

    I shut my mouth and continued on with all the steps left to just renew my license and was out, done, and in my car within 30 minutes. I double checked myself when I arrived home and the need for a passport was not anywhere I could see on items needed for the Real ID….. I did note however that members of AAA can get most of what one needs to do with DMV at any AAA office.

    Unfortunately, the Real ID is one car-related chore you can’t take care of at your local AAA branch. Rather, you must appear in person at your state motor vehicle office. There, you’ll need to provide that proof of identity (such as a birth certificate or passport), evidence of your Social Security number (such as a Social Security card or W-2 form), and two documents attesting to your home address (a rental agreement, utility bill, or something similar); the residential addresses on the latter must all match. (quote AAA.com)


    Rana, I had to order a duplicate card from Social Security.  You can do it online by clicking on this link.A replacement card was sen to me within 2-3 weeks.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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