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    Rana Goodman

    UP DATE: MARCH 19 11:11 AM

    This morning I phoned the Sherwin Williams store on Boulder Highway and was told by a man by the name of Matt that although they do not carry Victoria Garnett in stock, the color IS IN THEIR SYSTEM. If you want it you may get it in water or oil base. The price however is NOT $28 as was listed in the e-blast that went out from SCA on Monday. It is $47.24 per gallon oil based.

    LAS VEGAS-HENDERSON  store  #8115
    1224 N BOULDER HWY
    HENDERSON, NV, 89011-5326
    (702) 564-6888

    However, my personal problem still stands as to WHY the GM, Mrs. Seddon is so adamant that a “CITY” and we are indeed a city of 7,144 homes must only be allowed ONE COLOR OF FENCING? We are given several choice of colors to paint the exterior of our homes yet no one may use anything other than Victoria Garnet.. I chose to live in an HOA, I did not opt to invest this kind of money into a place that was no longer part of my adopted FREE COUNTY, namely the United States… 

    Editors note:  

    I just received the following letter from a concerned resident. After reading it I have to ask the question, “what is Sandy Seddon thinking?”  You cannot turn vinegar into Champagne; If a paint color has been discontinued for more than six years wouldn’t it be more prudent to allow  new choices, rather than force residents spend triple $$$ attempting to duplicate the old? Unless one just must enforce their CONTROL! 

    Written by: SCA homeowner:

    You have probably noticed that our iron fences are not all the same color.  They are various shades of a faded rusty red, depending on how recently they were painted.  Yet is is the only color that is authorized.  It’s Victoria Garnet, Sher color SW-1280. The association called it Victorian Garnet for years, but that’s incorrect, there is no ‘n’. 

     A resident needed to buy some to touch up a portion of his fence after some white spray paint accidentally blew onto the fence.  He knew that new Victoria Garnet would not match the old faded paint, but soon found out the problem went a lot deeper than that.  Here’s what he learned, but first, a few facts.

     Victoria Garnet is an oil-based paint, and oil-based paints are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  “Prior to 1972, lead was a major ingredient in oil paint. Its purpose was to color the paint and also to act as a preservative for wood or other substrates it was used on. Oil, which is derived from fossil fuels, was the only vehicle that would support the heaviness of lead. Once the lead was removed, all of the “benefits” of using oil paint disappeared! Since the 1970’s all of the science and development in the industry focuses on water-based paints. In other words, the latex paint continues to improve and the oil-based paint declines.  Adding to the toxicity of oil paint is the paint thinners.  Paint thinners are a cocktail of petrochemicals…”  Source:

     Not only are oil-based paints outdated technology, Victoria Garnet is actually a discontinued Sherwin Williams color.  How about that!  It has been discontinued for about 5 or 6 years, yet it still is the only authorized fence color in SCA.  Now the plot thickens, not only is it discontinued, it’s proprietary so only one store can stock it, Sherwin Williams.   Well guess what, Sherwin Williams doesn’t stock it either!  They have a monopoly, yet it has to be custom mixed each and every time a homeowner needs it.  You cannot go to Lowe’s because Lowe[s does not mix oil-based colors.  You may also get sticker shock at the price, it’s $67.49 a gallon at Sherwin Williams, so ponder that while waiting for it to be custom made. 

     Since we have about a million feet of fencing that has to be Victoria Garnet, the problem of dictating that an outdated oil-based paint had to be used was sent to the board of directors. One director agreed that was ridiculous, and nominated the resident to come up with some alternate colors, which the director would then take to the board to try to get approval.  Fantastic idea, and not only that, it presented the opportunity to use the new Dunn Edwards (behind Red Robin on Eastern) paint, which used new technology, was a much better paint, was not oil-based, did not fade like Victoria Garnet, was easy to work with like Latex, was compatible over oil-based paint, was cheaper, and was in stock!

     Well, the dream soon ended when the General Manager overrode the directors’ plan and said Victoria Garnet was the only paint that could be used, period, end of discussion!  So there you have it, you “will” continue to use the outdated, discontinued, and expensive SW1280!



    Apparently the idiots are fighting hard to remain in control of the asylum and are working very hard to avoid common sense and decency with respect to the best interests of SCA residents.  This bureaucratic foolishness is repulsive and disrespectful to all of us who live here and it’s obvious that there is more than one swamp that needs to be drained.

    J Sapient

    Right on Gary, they will try to squash like a little bug anyone who dares point out even one of their most  trivial shortcomings.  If only there were some way to change our management to use this grand old axiom: “Of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

    This paint fiasco is not a major problem, yet one of the more astute board members apparently did say it is ridiculous.  Just go look at any of the very faded and ugly fence paint.  Go take a close look, I dare you.  I don’t claim to be an expert but do have a lot of experience as a painter, and I believe the experts all will tell you that oil based paint is old technology, going the way of the Dinosaur.   Since there are new and better paints available, that don’t fade nearly so fast and are easier to work with, why not do the right thing?




    Mark Cook

    I went to Sherwin Williams on South Eastern and they said that oil-based Victoria Garnet was regularly $67 dollars a gallon, but that it was on sale this month (March) for 30% off.   If my math is correct, that would make it $47 and change for a gallon, as stated above.  But you’d better hurry, in a couple of weeks it goes right back to $67 a gallon, regardless of what the SCA eblast claims.

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