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    There was a very enlightening meeting that took place Monday, June 5, 2017. This meeting followed a board meeting of the SCA Entertainment Club and was attended by thirty some odd representatives of various clubs. This meeting was organized by Rana Goodman, Vice President of the Entertainment Club after activities director, Danielle Bartle sent out to all club presidents the edicts from her boss, Sandy Seddon, general manager of our community with rules and regulations for all clubs to follow.

    The following is my opinion of what has transpired since Seddon was hired for an outrageous and obscene amount of money.

    When Sandy was first hired to become the General Manager of our association, I merely watched and waited to see who she really is and what was driving her. When a very knowledgeable and business oriented homeowner first met her, she was told that this association was a senior community of mostly retirees and many were on fixed income. He also told her that our dues were low in conjunction with the type of resident living here. Seddon’s first comment was, “your dues are too low”! That should have sent up “red flags” to all that would know about her cavalier answer. As she transitioned into her GM position, it became increasingly apparent that the following had occurred:

    1. She has absolutely no respect for seniors and thinks that she can make policy and run this association with the ignorant board’s blessing who has given her carte blanche to make policy or should I say run this association as her own personal gulag. Her attitude toward homeowners has been nothing short of egregious and reprehensible.
    2. She has been less than honest in her presentations such as stipulating that the majority of residents want a restaurant. First of all, 300 homeowners in a room does NOT constitute a majority of the 12,000 people who live here. She also neglected to mention that those that want a restaurant do not want to pay for it in the form of virtually giving the vendor free rent and other perks. We have had multiple restaurant failures here and she does not comprehend the immense competition that surrounds our community. She also recommended that any restaurant vendor have exclusivity in catering for all clubs. That may be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” with the almost sixty sanctioned clubs in our community.
    3. She also seems to have ignored the fact that this is OUR community and we pay for everything here with our dues. She is merely an employee.
    4. Asking clubs to put in their following year calendar preferences a good four months before the beginning of the following calendar year so that HER Activities Department has preference of dates BEFORE CHARTERED CLUBS is not only arrogant but disrespectful as well.

    Now onto the meeting held today. The first somewhat of a surprise was Danielle Bartle was there and when asked why she was there, her answer was to answer any questions club members may have. Art Lindberg was also there, supposedly as the president of the Veterans Club but acted more as a spokesperson for the board of which he is Vice-President. Furthermore, he blamed the City of Henderson for the confusion regarding who has to get a license and who does not to do business with clubs. NOT ONCE, did he acknowledge that the GM refused to believe the response from the City’s licensing department until Rana read the response from the city. Is it too hard to accept the fact that Seddon was driving the City crazy with her multiple inquiries? Lindberg even asked for all present to give the GM some slack.

    Another big issue was the Seddon insurance requirements for clubs. It was glaringly apparent that she does not understand the insurance business and only when Barry Goldstein explained that what she was seeking was not feasible as she stated that the subject because a real stumbling block. (Barry made his living as an insurance broker.) Barry then asked that the company insurance agent who has a contract to insure the association be requested to be present where he and others could question him openly.

    I asked why this present BOD and previous ones, instead of stumbling and bumbling through issues which clearly show their lack of expertise, do not call upon experts who reside in our community for help. No real answer was forthcoming.

    It was also glaringly apparent that the majority of club representatives have had a bellyful of the GM’s edicts which have clearly periled the continued existence of clubs in SCA. Comments accusing collaboration between the board and the GM to force clubs to disband was also brought up. Outside of denial, many were not convinced.

    Another meeting will be held with club boards next month. We should all thank Rana Goodman for her diligence in bringing this festering wound out into the open. If the GM thinks that this will go away, she has badly misjudged many of us. I made a comment that in my opinion, all these edicts stemming from the GM with the approval of an incompetent BOD’s, are sucking the life out of a community of seniors who moved here to retire and enjoy whatever life span they have left.

    Martin Winger

    Clearly Ms. Seddon is beyond her level of competence and in this short period of time has proven beyond a doubt the Peter Principal is once again valid.

    We will soon see that it was a terrible mistake to “hire” her.

    As a retirement community we need someone who is “on our side,” and Ms. Seddon has shown in this short time she is not.

    I’m guessing the time is very close to thanking her for her service, but to move on.  We cannot allow more terrible choices by her, and that this will be another “restaurant fiasco?”


    Barend Len

    What’s it going to take to remove this person from our employ? If the board can’t do it can a majority of homeowners request a special meeting to rid us of the idiot?


    If the BOD and management thinks they have this association under control and under their collective thumbs, they should think that again.

    In the June issue of The Vegas Voice on page 5, the publisher Dan Roberts has given an answer in response to the many questions sent to him regarding why bringing entertainment to SCA by clubs and certain vendors has been so difficult.

    Considering that the magazine reaches in excess of 100,000 seniors all over the valley, SCA is getting quite a negative reputation regarding how dues paying residents are treated and it is not hard to figure out the ulterior motives of those in power.

    My suggestion to the culprits is to be careful what you wish for as it may just blow up in your collective faces!


    Sandy Seddon and the lawyers that came in the same box need to pay more attention to the people who live here and stop “Covering Up” for past “misbehavior ?” by some previous Board members. A “Cover-up” is a legal term (look it up) and if proven can be a very nasty surprise to a lot of people who think they are protected but are not. In other words — if you know a violation of law (or Statute) was committed and keep silent to protect the person (or persons) who committed the violations, it may prove to be a violation in itself. It also can effectively eliminate any Statute of Limitations that existed at the time the offence was discovered.

    I’m just saying ——

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