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    Rana Goodman

     In a Press Release received this morning we have been informed of the following:

    The Innovation Center (IIC@Vegas), established by the city of Las Vegas in Sept. 2019 to attract new and established companies whose products support city priorities, announces a new tenant, Pills2Me. Founded by pharmacist Leslie Asanga at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

     Pills2Me was initially created to help seniors and immune compromised people maintain social distancing while still having access to essential medications, but today, has evolved to become a service for everyone.

    At the time Asanga developed the concept for Pills2Me, he was working as a part-time pharmacist for CVS while earning his master’s degree in public health from Yale University.  Especially during the early days of the pandemic, Asanga noticed a heightened rate of prescription abandonment.

    “People were simply not picking up their prescriptions because they were afraid to leave their homes, and this was especially true for seniors,” he said.  “That was the genesis for Pills2Me, which is essentially the ‘uber’ of medication.  Today, the service remains free to seniors and is subsidized by the rest of the population who is willing to pay for the convenience of having their prescriptions delivered to their homes or offices, or wherever they may be.”

    There is no charge for prescription pick-up and delivery for those ages 65 and older. Anyone 64 and younger pays a $5 delivery fee and $2.99 service fee, with all fees paid by credit card through the app, including the cost of the prescription, facilitating a cashless transaction.  Delivery requests must be made one hour before the pharmacy closes. Delivery requests cannot be made or accepted for controlled substances, such as prescription pain medications, but all other prescription medications are available for delivery through the service.  

    Asanga first launched the Pills2Me service in in New Haven, CT and Chicago, Il, expanding to Las Vegas in late 2020. The company, which is now headquartered in Las Vegas, currently has more than 160 drivers working for the startup in Southern Nevada, along with a small management team of ten individuals.

    Although Pills2Me drivers do not have access to personal or health information of the individuals for whom they are picking up prescriptions, they receive HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training in addition to being thoroughly vetted and background checked. Asanga is committed to ensuring drivers receive this training to make them acutely aware of the sensitivities involved in handling prescription medications. “As a pharmacist, I went through HIPAA training and believe it’s also valuable for drivers who are interacting with both pharmacies and patients when delivering their medications.” 


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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