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    Rana Goodman

    UP-DATE 4/13/20

    The Foundation Assisting Seniors just received another shipment of masks today.  If you need masks, come by the Foundation office to pick them up.  All we ask in exchange for the masks is that you make a donation to the Foundation.  Our office location is:  2518 Anthem Village Drive, Suite 102, Henderson 89052.

    From the latest information we have received there are no known cases of coronavirus here on the hill.  None of our volunteers and none of those who we have served have exhibited any sign of the virus.

    Last week, the Foundation completed cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting our offices, equipment and vans.  A special hospital-grade formulation is applied to all surfaces ensuring that all bacteria, virus and other infectious bugs are destroyed.  The formulation we use is good for a period of one year.

    One of the good things that is coming out of this problem is that we are walking and talking while still maintaining our distance.  Perhaps when this is over we will return healthier and happier.

    As an exempt organization, the Foundation continues to provide our full-range of services to seniors and veterans.  If you need DME or somebody to talk to, give us a call.  

    We at the Foundation Assisting Seniors hope that you and your families are faring well during the coronavirus scare and that you and yours have a blessed week.

    Stay healthy,

    Phone:  725-244-4200


    The Foundation Assisting Seniors has been receiving calls from various communities asking if we are still open.  The answer is, yes!  While others have stopped serving the senior community we are still providing assists to those who request our services.

    In recent days we are experiencing an increasing number of requests for masks.  At the moment we are out, but hopefully we will be restocked by April 20th.  The only thing we need is a bit of financial help.  We are trying to raise $7,734 to pay for the masks.

    Please help by making a donation to the Foundation Assisting Seniors.  You can make this donation online at our website: or you can call the Foundation office at 725-244-4200.  Seniors are the least-served segment of our population so if you can, please donate.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    The Foundation Assisting Seniors

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