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    In times past, I have heard the term “Lost Vegas”, but as I see it, because of what Vegas recently lost, it has found something far greater …  its humility.  This is for you Las  Vegas Strong.

    When it is spoken of the place, they call the City of Sin,
    Do they only refer to those who are proud to call it home,
    Or is it spoken in hypocrisy, a false virtue of what we are.
    So why feel the need, to deny or carry-on baggage.
    But, we all know what remains, just beneath the skin.

    Be there anyone who can say, “no sin resides within the heart”,
    While in condemnation of others, with a stone firmly in hand.
    Are we truly brothers and sisters, all for one and one for all,
    No matter where we may live and no matter the place we die?
    Are we not all part of a greater family who need each other?
    May the sins we record, only define who we are… in part.

    From Carolina’s sunrise beginning, to California’s sunset ending,
    Each state is part of one great nation of this wonderful earth,
    Just as each and every city, is a jewel in that state’s crown.
    Are we not all in grief, when one of these jewels is wounded?
    Must it take tragedy to interrupt a food fight among ourselves?
    Far is the divide, from tongues offending to humble knees bending.

    The world is not about one place, but of many, with various names.
    For it is written, “indeed there are many embers, yet one body”.
    If amid a mighty tempest, a member is wounded, yet the body lives.
    If a foot is wounded, can it tend to itself, or does it need help.
    Does not the hand have need of the foot, and tend to its recovery.
    Long is the memory of the body, when an evil coward kills and mains.

    When tragedy befall a member, the body will also feel the pain.
    All cities, states, and nations, are part of this worldly body.
    Wouldn’t we, shouldn’t we, reach deep into our well of compassion?
    If the City of Sin welcomes any and all who may choose to come,
    Be it our mission to remember that we are a family of many names.
    The body must hear  all members cry out, never to cry in vain.


    No matter where we may be, in moments of tragedy from 9/11 to Texas,  Florida, or Puerto Rico, our minds and bodies should feel, “to be here is to be there”.

    Long live the United States of America, and Viva Las Vegas Strong!


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