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    Dan Roberts

    Gentle Facts v. Outraged Opinion – Part V

    Every now and then there comes a time and a place when you simply have to stand tall, plant your feet and make a statement as to who you are and what you believe in. Basketball coach Pat Reilly: 

    Enough with the bullying and false statements. 

    This is (hopefully) my last post concerning the actions of Mr. Coleman. I have no doubt that my posts will cause some tension (beginning with my Rana) with certain residents, but my writings remain solely to defend my PILL (partner in love & life) against unfounded and mean-spirited charges.

    Once the “push-back” hits, my only response is to challenge anyone if my posts were not factually correct.

    I want to make clear that I truly don’t care what Coleman or the SCA Board of Directors does or does not do. My sole concern is Rana.

    I also admit that my Rana is many things (there are not enoughadjectives and adverbs to describe her) but she is as “racist” as Coleman is a President Trump supporter.


    1. Coleman claiming “victory” for having Rana step down as the SCA Board liaison to the CLC is a perfect example of the ridiculousness of this entire matter. This absurdity (and what hurts the SCA community) is that the CLC Chair and Vice Chairwanted her to stay on and the SCA Board had no issues with it either.

    Nobody wins but Coleman. A victory of nothing.

    If he really wanted to punish her, Coleman should have insisted and demanded that Rana be forced to cook dinner every night for a week.

    Sound preposterous? Yep, just as preposterous as claiming “victory” for her liaison change.

    2. I also want to briefly address the allegation about SCA resident Dick Arendt. Obviously, there is a great deal of tension between Arendt and Coleman and I have no dog in this dispute. If they want to hurl insults and accusations against each other, so be it.

    I do know however that Coleman’s claim that Arendt committed a federal crime by “hacking” into the AAHC website is as farcical as it is slanderous. Anyone who knows Dick knows that he can hardly work the TV remote, yet alone, have the IT-technology skill or knowledge to hack a website.    

    3. You want to know the worst thing about all this? It’s right there in Coleman’s initial letter stating that there should be an open and honest discussion about race – especially among SCA residents.

    He is absolutely correct. And as president of the AAHC,Coleman was in a unique position to (at the very least) try andbring this about. His leadership, his standing as a past Board member could have opened a SCA dialogue for all people of color – be it Black, White, Latino and Asian-American.

    It really could have and should have begun a “teachable moment.” And while I have no idea what the SCA Board would have done, I do know that the president of SCA would have given him unconditional assistance and support to do so.

    Instead of bringing residents together, he accused his SCA neighbors of “white privilege” and being racist. Coleman had this beautiful opportunity to bring everyone together, but instead, forced them to retreat to their tribal and political corners.

    And that’s the saddest part of this entire story.

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