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    Dan Roberts

    Gentle Facts v. Outraged Opinions Part III

    In my previous two posts, I detailed the activities and results of SCA Board President (and my) Rana Goodman in forwarding Coleman’s letter to the CLC.

    The “outrage” and subsequent reactions by Coleman calls to mind the famous line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Thou does protest too much.”

    From his over-the-top arguments  and speeches, you would swear that Rana (and the SCA Board of Directors) wanted to place a Confederate Civil War statue in front of Anthem Center.

    Following the CLC determination (see Part II) Coleman demanded a formal apology from the Board for the “investigation.”  

    Question # 1: What did the Board of Directors have to do with any of this? Answer: Nothing

    Question #2:  What investigation?

    He brazenly demanded and declared, “that the entire defamatory and blatantly racist attack was initiated by the President of the Board of Directors…” He wanted nothing short of “justice” since the AAHC and himself “have been disparaged, slandered and ridiculed…”

    To be clear: the only ridicule is due to his subsequent bully behavior and actions.

    Let’s start with his appearance at the SCA Board of Directors’ executive session. While even he admitted that he demonstrated a huge amount of “passion”, what he really did was throw a childish temper tantrum.

    Don’t believe me – go ahead and ask the Board members. Better yet, ask Coleman if he would be allowed to talk with such “passion” in front of his family, relatives and friends.

    His claims of being slandered, disparaged and being “metaphorically lynched” are taken straight from (see Part I) Donald Trump’s  self-admitted playbook of “truthful hyperbole and an innocent form of exaggeration.”

    Shame on you Mr. Coleman.

    In subsequent posts we’ll discuss “why” the Board apologized even though it had no involvement in the initial actions.

    Here’s a hint from Coleman himself: We (meaning the AAHC, but by now we all know who “we” is) do not wish to bring any harm to our community but are regretfully cognizant that damage will occur… The unwillingness of the SCA Board to simply issue a genuine and heartfelt apology has given us no choice but to seek assistance from various Civil Rights organizations, media, the Ombudsman, HUD and other organizations, to work with us in getting our message disseminated…

    These actions, which could have been avoided will only impact our property values, camaraderie and reflect negativity upon our community…”

     Talk about placing his knee on SCA collective necks…



    It certainly didn’t take long before the Coleman “Mouthpiece” opened his condemning and nauseating pen.

    This whole thing got started with Coleman’s letters that Dan Roberts is merely informing the community of the  obvious inner rage Coleman feels toward many in a community.

    The best comment came from some some “Bermanite” named Bonny McLaughlin.

    She knows nothing about the situation other than what she read on the Berman blog, yet has the audacity to make a statement that her “companion is making decisions for her”.

    How condescending is this for a woman to make against another woman?

    “Rana Goodman needs to resign. How do we know if her companion is making the decisions for her? I throw the Vegas Voice into the trash as soon as I get the mail. I have requested no further emails from that site. Our community should not be governed by outside influences.”

    Yet this same woman made this comment on the Berman blog some time ago.

    “I swear, I would die with festering boils before I would ever get involved with any committee, board, administrative office or group, or any other official entity in this community. It would be worse than dealing with high schoolers, two-year olds, or a herd of ferrets (not that they travel in herds; I just can’t remember the term).”
    Posted by: Bonny McLaughlin | April 14, 2013 at 11:08 PM

    You got that right, lady, this is what this Board has had to put up with Coleman’s BS for months…and Berman’s for years, and all you are without knowing the full facts, is a biased parrot.

    So what have you done lately, Ms. McLaughlin?

    Did you do anything for the Guardianship laws or for that matter, any civic duty that you can boast of?

    Tell us, we’d like to about them.


    This actually was posted on the Berman blog. Note the sentence “not to use my name, then signs it:

    “This community does not need racists on its board. I am appalled. What other minority group will be attacked next? Since Rana can’t keep her personal opinions to herself she should not have anyone blogging her opinions. As any president of ANY organization this is unprofessional. She should be re called as President. Do not use my name please.
    Posted by: Judy Schneider | October 08, 2020 at 08:57 AM”

    Duh !

    Just a typical “Bemanite”

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