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    Dan Roberts

    Rana Goodman DISCLAIMER:

    I have received many emails in response to my Dan’s posts. An overwhelming number have applauded it, but also a couple of threats regarding it.

    One thing to clear up – Dan is as much an “owner” of Anthem Today as I am. His writings are an expression of his thoughts and feelings and are not necessarily mine.

    I cannot stop him from posting as much as he cannot stop me from my articles in our magazine, The Vegas Voice.

    We have been together nearly 8 years and have learned that before we engage in a “heated pillow talk discussion” we ask ourselves: “Is it worth it?” The answer in his writings for me is “no.”

    I do however want readers to understand that any and all of his future postings is without my assistance, and perhaps approval.


    Facts vs. Outraged Opinion

    By: SCA resident, Dan Roberts

    Dear Mr. Coleman – Congratulations that your loud opinions inflicted on our community have, until now served as unquestioned facts.

    Like most SCA residents I have watched in horror as national events unfolded over the summer – starting with the death of Gregory Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

    Now I want to be very clear that, of course Coleman is entitled to his opinions but not when he screams them as “facts” – especially as it pertains to my Rana.

    It all started with Coleman’s letter of June 2nd written on African American Heritage Club stationary (he is president of the AAHC) addressed to its members but placed on the internet for anyone to read.

    Now one “blogger” has characterized the beginning of this storm this way:

    AAHC President Jim Coleman sent two heartfelt email messages to the AAHC membership and also made them available on the club’s website. The emails expressed Jim’s personal feelings on current events. (I wonder why the blogger did not include the letter on his blog; after all, everyone is interested in heart-felt emotions).

    Anyway, in expressing his “heart-felt” thoughts over Floyd’s death, Coleman wrote the following:

    The man who occupies the White house has been continually sending dog whistles to the concept of white privilege … This man is a cowardly narcissist, racist and sexist xenophobe who has a history of prejudice …If you support the philosophy of racism or the person who perpetrates racism, then by definition you are a racist.”

    Under the above definition, I had no idea that my SCA neighbors who support the President’s re-election and, especially those that have placed TRUMP signs on their front yard might as well attach Ku Klux Klan hoods and robes to their front door.

    Question #1: Would you find those sentiments (and there were more) “heart-felt” or rather “racially charged”?

    How Rana, as president of the SCA Homeowners Association responded to residents’ protests to Coleman’s “heart-felt emotions” will be further discussed this week. As will be demonstrated, she did nothing wrong, but merely followed the rules and thereafter abides by them.

    One more thought for today. When it comes to certain “facts”  Trump has boasted: “I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration – and a very effective form of promotion.”Coleman’s actions fit perfectly with those words.

    His subsequent letters, statements and twisting of events would make a pretzel-maker (and the president) proud.

    Question # 2: If you follow the tactics and words of a racist, aren’t you likewise guilty of being a racist? Shame on you Mr. Coleman.

    It’s time that someone stands up to this bully and for him to “take his knee off our necks.”

    Outraged Opinion – Part I of 5



    James N Mayfield

    Dan, thank you for your intelligent post.  I suggest that Mr. Coleman and Mr. Berman look up the definition of the words “racist” and “bully”in the Dictionary and then look in the mirror.

    I have known and worked with Rana for several years and know her to be a good-hearted, sincere person who cares deeply about the rights of all citizens.  On the other hand, I have first-hand experience with Mr. Coleman throwing around the term “racist” as an adjective that he maliciously applies to anyone who disagrees with him and opposes his drive for discriminatory favoritism.

    I hope that the SCA Board will come too the conclusion that the terms “racist and bully” apply to Mr. Coleman.  If the shoe fits, then Mr. Coleman should wear it, and the Board needs to treat him as what he is.

    Dan Roberts

    Thank you Barry Goldstein for sending your comment with permission to add it to my post.

    Dan, thank you for speaking in defense of Rana. In my 7  plus years living in SCA, I have been a board member of a number of clubs, including President of the Poker Club. I had never experienced or heard any type of racism here, until I read the personal opinions letter sent by Mr. Coleman and posted on the club website. To insinuate all white people are racist because of “white privilege” said by a self professed “angry black man” has stained our community. Mr. Berman in his pursuit of influence in our community, seems to not want to let this go. I personally do not think the board should have apologized, but I understand why they did. I find it curious that the afore mentioned blogger, chose to make public the apology letter, but not the hate spewing opinion letters from Mr. Coleman.
    You may post this comment if you want.

    Barry Goldstein


    Anyone still not believe that  Berman and Coleman aren’t joined at the hip?

    Why would Berman sound like his lawyer, defending his every action?

    If that be the case, Coleman sure chose the wrong guy. Just ask the State of Massachusetts for his legal “legacy” before he “left” the profession to work in a computer room.

    After all, forgery and deception,are part of his employment resume and that speaks for itself.

    So much for credibility.  Would you buy a used car from him?


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