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    Rana Goodman

    Director Nona Tobin has requested that the SCA Board of directors place the following resolution on the agenda for the Thursday, June 22nd board meeting so that it may be discussed and voted on. She wants everything open and in keeping with her pledge of an association for the residents. It is rumored however that the board is thinking of placing this discussion in an executive session under the guise of a “legal issue” hiding it from resident comment. Please contact your board of directors and let them know how you feel about this NOW while they have a chance to re-think this fool-hardy choice. We all have the right to be heard on this important part of club life.




    WHEREAS, several months ago the General Manager instituted new, or previously unenforced, requirements for increased insurance, licensing and security applicable to vendors, Chartered Clubs, and/or members who are holding events on SCA property; and

    WHEREAS, many Owners and Club representatives have attempted unsuccessfully to get the General Manager to institute less burdensome methods to address an as-yet unidentified risk management problem that precipitated the change;

    WHEREAS, there has been no satisfactory response to mitigate Members’ concerns, or to create a more benign system, or to allow the long-used and accepted practice to stand;

    WHEREAS, The Community Lifestyle Committee (CLC) reported to the May 25, 2017 Board of Directors meeting:

     “Until management is certain about all aspects of these requirements for insurance and business licenses, and can document the need for these requirements, CLC asks management to consider suspending both requirements.”

     “CLC will continue to work with management to come up with reasonable requirements that protect the association from any sanctions and penalties that might come from non-compliance, but we look to management to make these requirements as clear and benign as possible for the clubs.”

    WHEREAS, many Members believe that continuing a seemingly arbitrary and capricious policy without adequate justification may create more risk than is mitigated, i.e., by reducing SCA’s reputation, threatening property values, loss of quiet enjoyment of the common areas, negatively impacting our quality of lifestyle by reducing the variety and quality of entertainment options;

     WHEREAS, the Board Policy Manual 2 defines four expected organizational results the GM is to achieve, 2A is relevant to this issue:

    BPM 2A

    “Homeowners have a variety of entertainment options and social, creative and physical activities that promote a sense of community and well-being.”

    WHEREAS, the Board Policy Manual 3 defines limitations on the GM in terms of the conditions which are to be avoided:

    “The GM must not cause or allow any practice, activity, decision, or organizational circumstance which is either unlawful, imprudent, damaged the public image of the Association or is in violation of the Governing Documents, Board Policy, or commonly accepted business and professional ethics and practices.”

    WHEREAS, the Board Policy Manual 3.2 requires:

    “With respect to interactions with Members, Residents and visitors, the GM shall not cause or allow conditions, procedures, or decisions that are unsafe, discourteous, or unnecessarily intrusive.”

    “The GM must not allow or cause Members, Residents and visitors to be confused about what may be expected and what may not be expected from any service or amenity offered by the Association.” (BPM 3.2C)

    NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: No insurance, security, or business license requirements are to be implemented that hurt SCA’s ability to achieve the expected result of the organization as defined in BPM 2A (a variety of entertainment options) unless the actual claims history at SCA specifically involving vendors is documented to be significant enough to warrant the new requirement and there is no feasible, less burdensome alternative that would resolve the issue while better promoting a sense of well being and community among the membership.

    ADOPTED AND SIGNED this 22ND Day of June, 2017 at a duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors of the Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc.



    ______________________________                                    ________________________

    Rex Weddle, President                                                           Aletta Waterhouse, Secretary




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