Did SCA President Endorse BOD Candidates?

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Did SCA President Endorse BOD Candidates?

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    Rana Goodman

    In reading SCA president, Steve Anderson’s March board report, I was totally taken by surprise, since I thought it was an un-spoken practice for current directors to not openly endorse candidates.

    I know (from personal experience) that clubs do not allow anyone running for a board position to be a speaker or presenter at a meeting since it makes the club appear to play favorites.

    So when Steve Anderson thanked the sitting members of the board for their service this past term, why didn’t he just thank them, not go on and on about how wonderful they are in other ways.

    I consider Steve Anderson a friend so this endorsement action is to me, is a “puzzlement” not a criticism.

    Steve’s comments most assuredly came across like an endorsement of all the incumbents running for re-election. In addition,  the timing of David Berman’s publishing of that report, on the same day the ballots were to be sent out, is outrageous.

    On another point, over the years I have studied the endorsements of David Berman and although he takes pot-shots at Rick Ernest, mentioning what he knows and does not know, I’d like to remind Mr. Berman that he eagerly endorsed Mike Dixon who had lived here just a year and also knew little about this community at the time.

    I realize he considers the fact that Rick Ernest didn’t wish to be interviewed by him, perhaps Rick’s schedule was not conducive to the time slot he had available,  Whatever the reason, it is up to the candidate to participate or not. It may not be a sound decision to pass on participating in Berman’s blog, but that is the business of the candidate and I think that should be up to them and the result, up to the voters, just sayin!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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