Did Anyone Take Time To Vet Principles of G2G?

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Did Anyone Take Time To Vet Principles of G2G?

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    Rana Goodman

    Is the desire to have a restaurant in Anthem Center a need that transcends common sense?

    The reason I ask this question is that I am really concerned about the obvious lack of vetting the principles of G2G prior to the “insane” (in my opinion) lease proposal items that was voted for and passed at the August 2018 SCA board meeting.

    So bothered was I by that proposal, I decided to do a little fact checking on my own and in less than thirty minutes I discovered that G2G, owned by a man by the name of Vincent F Eupierre had filed for bankruptcy in 2013. He also had been sued by Burger King.

    I also learned that Frank Tutera, the representative who has been G2G’s spokesperson, is not a home owner in SCA, not a crime, however it means that he has no vested interest here. If the restaurant fails, it is a business venture that fails, assuming he has a financial interest. However he would not have the financial interest you and I would have.

    We have been led to believe that they, G2G (or Denny’s not the same company) were a 70-million-dollar corporation, “really”, no evidence of anything near that was popping up in the searches I ran. I had seen all I cared to and turned over my finding to a board member who said he would share it.

    What they do going forward is up to them, after all, they are, at this point in the driver’s seat but shouldn’t the background checks have been the very first thing done after all we are financing the largest portion of this venture as I see it, how about you?

    A search on the Las Vegas Sun and Review Journal sites also has some interesting facts one might find of interest.

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