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    Rana Goodman

    Since so many of the Vegas Voice readers replied to our survey, 95% for and 5% against regarding Death with Dignity, I think it fitting that I share a news from Carson City with you.

    “A bill that would make Nevada the 7th state to allow assisted suicide, with the medication provided by a doctor is back on the agenda for law-makers.”          Nevada State Legislature, Carson City

    The date of the hearing has not been announced as of yet, but will be posted here as soon as I receive word. Since it can be viewed and commented on from either the Grant Sawyer Building in downtown Las Vegas or from Carson City, judging from the amount of comments in the 2017 session, where it failed to pass the assembly, this should prove to be a hot topic.

    If you wish to participate in pushing (or defeating) the bill and cannot go the either location the day it is heard, you can also comment on-line by writing your comments pro or con on the legislative site. All of the contact information for your options when I post the hearing date and time. The web address for the Nevada legislature is

    UP-DATE: This just came in from Carson City;

    The Nevada Death with Dignity Act was introduced in the NV State Senate yesterday.  It is SB165 and it is scheduled for hearing on Monday Feb 25 at 3:00 p.m. in Senate Health & Human Services, Room 2149 at the legislative building in Carson City. 
    Senator Julia Ratti, chair of HHS, is going to speak to the chairs of the two committees that meet prior to hers to see if we may be able to start a little bit earlier in the day.  Senate Health typically begins at 4:00 p.m.. 

    I will keep you posted on the time.

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