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    Rana Goodman

    As an old Public Relations person, I have always believed that you should be as cordial as you can to people, especially when you don’t know who strangers happen to be!

    I was in Anthem Center today with a guest who just happens to be a reporter with some “tiny” magazine, The New Yorker…She was doing a feature on something that involves our fair community that I am not at liberty to talk about at this time…..

    As we chatted in the lobby, minding our own business, Cathy Elliot, the lady who normally sits at the front desk, walked by and first asked to see my activity card, then my guest’s name. Gone was the sweet smile I’m used to seeing, I just got “club or not”? From our last encounter I knew that meant, are you going to a club meeting, if so I don’t need your card, if you are not, I do.” She then pointed to my guest.

    I introduced the reporter with her name only, not mentioning the purpose of her visit or the magazine she represents.

    (After 17 years, seeing Cathy day in and day out for most of them, it seems she has now been instructed to demand all individuals to show their ID cards, however I have not seen her ask anyone coming in or out but me while I have been there).

    Later we walked down the gallery chatting about the number of clubs we had, I pointed to the signs, marking the dedicated room as my guest snapped a photo of the signs with her IPhone, marking “Sewing”, Computers, Activities”, Cathy made a point of saying, “you do know you cannot take a picture of people without their permission”.

    We had been heading toward the Fitness Center and had planned to show off our theatre, Freedom Hall; but at this point, my guest looked a little miffed and said she wanted to get something to eat before her next interview and asked if I could point her to the nearest restaurant.

    I think she had enough of our center.

    Obviously yet another “rule” that might have been brought to Ms. Elliot’s attention, and demanded it be enforced by our General Manager.

    What was our reaction to this ridiculous “rule”?  We just ignored her and moved on. Because it was not the rule, it was the tone in which the comment was made and more so, I thought to myself, why don’t I see Cathy asking anyone else for their I.D.

    When Maurice Tally was here and we talked about “guest policy I used to joke that we should all wear our I.D. card around our neck and no one would have to ask. Maybe I will hole punch mine and do just that!

    Mark that as “how to win friends and influence people”



    Before you experienced the above, I had an equally unpleasant incident in Anthem Center as well.

    Just had lovely time at Anthem Center. I picked up the brochures for our club from Rana (by the way, they are fabulous) and took them over. I went in the Activities Office and Danielle was in a meeting so I had a round with Priss because all of the slots were filled. She said they were half empty yesterday afternoon. I told her we were the second club to reserve a space and I had emailed Danielle that I was bringing the brochures over today. She proceeded to tell me that they didn’t take reservations and I corrected her that I spoke to Danielle in person. By this time steam was coming out of my ears and it had nothing to do with how hot it was outside. Danielle came back to her office before I left and I went over the whole thing with her. She seems to remember things differently. I told her this was one more reason so many residents are dissatisfied with the board and management. She seems to think that it is just a small group of us that are dissatisfied. I also told her I have no idea who wrote either of the petitions and she should realize how upset the clubs are as well as other residents. She then said “are you telling me the clubs are behind it?” I said emphatically, NO!

    She then offered me half of a slot with the Women’s Club tri-fold brochure and I took it, unhappily. She told me they are turning all the slots into tri-fold size so there will be more slots.

    I also asked how we can use the board on top of the kiosk. She said just to bring a brochure in. I did notice that the best board is completely loaded with their Activity shows. Discretion being the better part of valor, I just left it at that.

    Patsy McCarthy

    Rana Goodman

    I received a call from I.C.C.C. President Charlie Wong last night who told me that he too was “carded” when he went into Anthem Center while other residents were not. This whole issue is just so silly since it is a monumental waste of time, both on the part of the staff member instructed to do the job and the resident interrupted to dig out the pass.  It might be different if the resident were not known to the staff member, but what is the reason for asking to see identification from someone you know?

    Most interesting is the fact that Cathy Elliott stated that she only needed to see our identification if we were NOT GOING TO A MEETING. What difference would that make if she was told to check each resident that came into the center?

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