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Covid-19 Shots Available at Walgreens

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    Rana Goodman

    The following links were in the morning RJ for vaccine (1/21/21)


    For those of you who were not able to get a a reservation for the shot at Sun City Anthem, Walgreens is now taking reservations.  All you have to do is log on to Walgreens website.  Anyone that is already registered on their website should have received a notice a short time ago, however if you did not and still need to schedule your shots give them a call.

    The Foundation Assisting Seniors sent the following memo regarding shots:

    Announcement from the NV State Immunization Program

    The Nevada State Immunization Program and the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy are proud to announce that appointments with local pharmacies will be open for senior COVID-19 vaccination as supply is available starting Wednesday, January 20.

    Participating pharmacies around Nevada will first vaccinate those who are 70 and older and we need your help spreading the word to residents in your communities who are eligible to be vaccinated.

    As you know, the State of Nevada is receiving limited doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from the federal government each week, and now part of the allocation will be provided to pharmacies that have agreed to assist in the vaccine distribution process.

    Multiple pharmacies have joined in this effort and will be accepting appointments to their web-based systems. Information on county-by-county pharmacy participation and information on making an appointment was made available on January 19.

    We encourage you to make a plan to get vaccinated and encourage others you know to check on their parents, neighbors and senior friends to ensure they are able to navigate the system to make a vaccination appointment. If additional assistance is needed to make a plan, please call 855-668-5465.

    Please note: The online pharmacy vaccine appointment system requires the individual or their legal guardian to give medical consent. It is important the individual or their legal guardian click the consent button; others are unable to give consent on behalf of the individual.

    More information on the COVID-19 vaccine is available on
    Shannon Odermann Bennett
    Immunization Program Manager Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

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