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    Rana Goodman

    (Email from Jen Cleveland, SCA Fitness Director)


    Roxie Spendlove is one of my Monitors. Her son was a doctor in the Air Force and was stationed in Japan with his wife and four kids. He was killed in an Osprey crash on 11/29.


    Roxie is in Japan now and is, understandably devastated. I can’t even imagine what she must be going through right now!  The family just set up a GiveSendGo account (like GoFundMe) to help his family get back to the states as funds from the US Government will be slow to arrive.  Here are the details from the donation link.


    Major Eric Velazquez Spendlove, US Air Force, DO, FS Special Operations Physician in the 353rd Special Operations Wing was killed on active duty on November 29, 2023, leaving behind his wife Chelsea and four young children. 


    Eric was on a routine training mission flying on an Osprey CV-22 with his crew when the plane experienced mechanical issues and one of the engines caught fire. The plane subsequently crashed into the ocean just off the coast of Japan.  There were eight crew members aboard. They have found six of the bodies with two still missing at sea. As of right now, we don’t know if Eric’s body has been found.


    Eric’s mother and father flew to Japan as fast as arrangements could be made to help support Chelsea and the kids.  Not only was it hard learning that their son was in a plane crash but not knowing if he had survived and then finding out he died several days later made it even harder. 


    Because Chelsea lives on base in Japan, it is going to be a big undertaking to get her and the kids back home to St. George. We are anticipating that she will live with me and Monica (Eric’s sister) until she can get her bearings.


    The military will cover much of the expense of moving, but there will be quite a bit involved outside of that. 


    We are asking if you could donate to help cover additional costs for the funeral, burial, relocation of the Chelsea and the kids, beds, furnishings, cookware, clothing, Christmas gifts for the children, and anything else the family may need.

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