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    Rana Goodman

    David Berman published volume 4 of his “The Fetherolf Chronicles” on 3/22.2022, however there are a few historical facts, since I was involved and mentioned, that need to be clarified and corrected.

    Mr. Berman noted, in reference to me, for which I thank him, he wrote, These heartfelt admissions by Ms. Goodman in her sincere letter of apology helped to bring the matter to a close, and as a person I know to have a great sense of personal integrity, I’m sure she would not have signed her name to the letter if she didn’t mean what she wrote.

    Actually, I wrote a couple of drafts of my apology letter, all of which Jim Coleman refused to accept. The letter that Mr. Berman is referring to was written by Jim Coleman and Attorney Adam Clarkson who then pressured me into signing it by telling the board that the association could face lawsuits based on other letters Mr. Coleman said he had written to different government agencies..

    But let me go back to the beginning and correct a few other items which Mr. Berman may have forgotten with this historical account.

    Several years ago I applied to be on the Lifestyle Committee and while waiting for board approval I was asked to attend meetings and assist with some work while learning about the committee’s processes. Roy Montemblu (spelling) was chair and Virginia Finnegan was vice chair at the time. In fact, I believe I was the only volunteer in SCA who was not approved by the SCA Board to serve on a committee after being accepted by the committee itself by then President, Ross Berman and her board.

    During those months one item was made clear to me by the members of the committee, if there was a problem with a club, that committee dealt with it. The problem I had with the letters Jim Coleman sent were several besides a few of the comments made that I felt were extremely biased. For example in June 2020 Jim Coleman wrote:

    Look at the responses that are coming from businesses, the sports community, the politicians, all except that man who literally sits (which is all he does), in the White House castigating racism. We’ve had conclusive evidence to prove that—the proof is in the pudding! We are not your Racism Whisperers and will not be silent or politically correct even if you request that we accept that role.

    I don’t know how long I will share my thoughts, but at this point I am strengthened, by my anger and disappointment, to be empowered to speak the truth. Two points, first, if you support a person who espouses racism, or vote for person who espouses racism, you are, by definition, a racist! Did that statement mean all Republicans supporting Trump were then racist?

     David Berman wrote that the series of letters written by Jim Coleman were sent only to members of the African American Heritage Club, that is not true because the email addresses of the membership and this correspondence were, at that time, on the internet for anyone to see if they looked for that club on the world wide web..

    David Berman then wrote:

    Ms. Goodman then made a major additional mistake: She referred the matter to the Community Lifestyle Committee (CLC) accompanied by a declaration that AAHC President Coleman’s actions violated the policy of using a club mailing list for anything not club business.

    The problem was, in Lifestyles rush to get rid of this messy issue they ignored the fact that I told the chair that the mailing list was on the internet and not protected as all club mailing lists should be.

    One last point I would like to make to David Berman, I’d like to remind him of an incident by a very active member of this community going back in our history, as he seems to enjoy in his attack on Forrest Fetherolf.

    I was standing in a meeting room waiting for another member to join me when this active community member (who I won’t name at this time) got into an argument with the woman I was waiting for, he picked up a chair as if to threaten her with it. His wife rushed over and made him leave ending the disturbance. Would that man be unfit to serve on the board even after all these years?


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