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    Rana Goodman

    Did you know that yesterday, April 24th  was the 17th anniversary of the founding  of the Foundation Assisting Seniors? That first year we made 360 assists. We now do between 20 and 30 DME assists per day in addition to the counseling, home maintenance, speaking engagements, and community outreach. We now operate three vans delivering DME and providing home maintenance. This is in addition to the private cars preferred by some of our volunteers.

    We will provide over 20,000 assists this year and have done more than 220,000 assists since our formation. Our How RU program has saved 7 lives. Yes indeed, we’ve come a long way.

    Unlike others, our durable medical equipment is cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected after each use. A little over a year ago we learned that alcohol wipes and/or Clorox wipes are ineffective against mersa and staph. Now, each piece of FAS equipment is specially treated with a product that helps prevent the spread of mersa and staph infections. Our vans, our offices, and office equipment have been treated with the same product. All oxygen equipment is professionally cleaned, checked, and certified after each use.

    Our telephones are manned by people from 0900 until 1500 Monday through Friday but usually somebody is in the office from 0800 until 1600. Sixty percent (60%) of our current board members are SCA residents.

    As always, our services are available to anyone over 50 and/or a veteran. While a large portion of our services are for SCA residents, more and more we are receiving requests from all over the valley. We are told that approximately 25% of Henderson residents and 20% of all Clark County residents are seniors which accounts for the increase in the number of assists we provide.

    The Foundation has been recognized in the in all the publication in Las Vegas, as well as by the House of Representatives, the US Senate, the Governor, Channel 3, 5, 8, and 13. We have received awards from Ch 8 and Ch 5, the Red Cross, the City of Henderson, and others. We have been recognized in the Congressional Record and a local medical publication. One of our Board members was the 2015 Nevada Senior Citizen of the year.

    In spite of, or perhaps because of those who have tried unsuccessfully to demean the Foundation and/or even try to put us out of business the Foundation is thriving.

    Perhaps we are doing something right.

    My thanks


    FYI January of 2020 will mark the 17th anniversary of the founding of the Community Service Club/Group by Favil West.

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