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    Rana Goodman

    A community blogger writing a report about the 8/22/19 BOD meeting and the idea of a self managed restaurant began with the headline, Board votes to authorize Self-Managed Restaurant Proposal.

    From the phone calls I received today, although the balance of the story didn’t flow that way, it gave the impression that the board did in deed vote and pass that concept. For that reason, I believe it needs clarification.

    Some of the directors, in expressing their opinion believed that there were too many “unknown factors” to move forward with the vote. There are many things about costs that we don’t know, such as cost of a liquor license, do we have gaming or not?, how much would employees pay and benefits actually be, what would the cost of a experienced restaurant manager be and so forth.

    A resident made the suggestion that the motion itself be clarified from Direct management to move forward with a self-managed restaurant to be something like instruct management to put together a detailed proposal that the board can then consider. That motion passed and once the proposal is received from management, hopefully a workshop will be held where residents can get all the facts and we can move ahead with a vote on having a self run restaurant or not. As of now that vote has not been taken.

    Martin Winger

    Hi Rana,

    Thanks for the update to the “restaurant.”  You are absolutely correct that this community needs more information.  As I said, “I read that with all the construction going on around the St Rose area we can expect another 20-25 restaurants.”

    I wonder:

    How many of the residents will want to go to them rather than “The restaurant at Anthem?”

    How many of the residents will go to all the choices available after “build-out” of the St Rose area?

    How many other people outside of the Anthem area and certainly close enough to consider “The restaurant” will choose it.

    How many of those incapacitated are close enough that need all the choices of transportation we have now like Lyft, Uber etc are curious enough to want to take 5 more minutes and try other build-out restaurants?

    Of course I can go on with many questions but the bottom line as you mention bring “The restaurant” at Anthem down to the level of being a joke!

    Best of luck, as they say, but I’m looking forward to another loser, and a really BIG LOSER.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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