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    Rana Goodman

    Re-Elect Carl Weinstein to SCA Board of Directors


    SCA resident 17 years

    BSBA and MBA degrees.

    35 years as a Human Resource Professional

    16 years SCA service on either an SCA committee or the Board of Directors.

    Participated in changing to SCA self-management.

    Dear Fellow Neighbors and Residents:

    Every SCA election year, candidates promise better communication, transparency, frugality, and honesty.  Those of you that know me, know that I am not afraid to answer questions and do my best to meet those standards.  You know that I speak my mind at meetings. However, there are times I will not agree with a decision.  But, I believe in democracy and will support the majority vote of the Board if it differs from my opinion.

    I have a 17 year established record of honestly working for this community.  Please give me two more years to work for you and to assure that the transition to self-management is completed successfully.

    If you want to meet or talk with me personally, my email is and my home phone is (702) 616-9601.


    Sun City Anthem employs some very expensive Attorney’s and I for one want to know if we employ them for the benefit of the residents or do we employ them only to defend the Board Members against legitimate complaints.

    Currently the Residents of Sun City Anthem employs a lawyer named David T Ochoa who signed a document and submitted it to a Small Claims Court. When he did – he also signed and stated that (Quote) Per NRS 53.045, I declare under penalty of perjury under the law of the State of Nevada that the forgoing is true an correct. (Un-Quote). The document that Attorney David Ochoa referred to made a claim that only TWO Sun City Anthem Board members had been asked to recuse themselves from deliberations on August 26, 2010. THAT WAS A LIE and the attorney David Ochoa knew it was a lie because he had been given a copy of my attorneys statement that revealed the names of THREE SCA Board members who were asked to recuse themselves NOT JUST TWO. Previous Board Member Jack Troia was the third but he defied my lawyers request.



    My question for all members who are running for a position to be a Sun City Anthem Board Member is this;

    If you are elected are you going to continue employing the Attorney David T Ochoa who committed perjury when he signed and submitted that statement to The State of Nevada?


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