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    Robert Stern

    According to Dick Arendt, David Berman has been using his blog and influence to attack and destroy people for years and has been quite successful in canceling people. I have been his recent target and have been for months as I have been calling out SCA management and the Board of Directors for abuse of power and financial irresponsibility. Berman is a close confidant of Sandy Seddon and defends her wrong doing. Because I opposed the deficit financing of the restaurant I was targeted by Berman as it is his pet project along with several of his key board member cronies.
    So much so that at recent Board of Directors meetings in December and January , board member Paul Perlstein violated the CODE OF CONDUCT and stated at the December meeting that I should pack up and leave the Community and he would help me pack. At the January meeting it got worse and he slandered me. Berman came to his defense openly on his blog consistent with his Cancel Culture tactics.

    On the positive side ,SCA Board President Steve Anderson at a later time in person apologized to me for both of Perlstein’s comments. That was good leadership. It probably avoided a lawsuit and financial risk for SCA. I pointed out to Mr. Anderson a section of the CCNRS that requires the board to have its representative try to mediate any disputes/charges. To Mr. Anderson’s credit it seems he will seek to have that implemented.

    Until recently I had not responded to the attacks on Berman’s blog but then I chose to as Berman had given me an open invitation. That didn’t last long. Berman sometime later declared that I could no longer respond. Guess I was getting through with the truth to some of his readers. And now that I am blocked, the smears have intensified again. A dishonest post by Board Member Greg Swenson and Finance Committee Chair Andrew Muha didn’t pass the smell test. So I responded on Anthem Today. Berman’s readers are left with the smear unaware of the truth. It’s politics as Berman wants his cronies reelected.

    So now the 2023 SCA Board Election is upon us and the Clarkson Law firm was given the power to vet all candidates for the board and determine if any candidate should be disqualified. They did disqualify one candidate. I am not up to speed on those facts but it seems to me our system would give the voters a choice without having a weaponized legal counsel with the power to cancel. And this legal counsel is weaponized and part of the problem for fair and just governance. There is clear evidence of that and a number of homeowners have spoken to that issue. We need a change of management and legal counsel as they are active in the Cancel Culture.

    In order to make the above changes require a board majority. The current board majority includes two board members clearly having violated the Code of Conduct and are big time cronies of Berman. Both are up for reelection. The ballots come in April. I urge you to vet the new candidates and please DO NOT VOTE FOR Paul Perlstein nor Wendy Linow. If you support good governance and financial responsibility vote for 4 new candidates. Stop the abuse of power and cancel culture.
    The pocketbook you save , may be your own.

    Robert Stern

    David Berman attacks me again as being a corrupt Board Member of Anthem Highlands years ago as part of his character assault to persuade readers that I am the dishonest party. It is a lie and his spin. David Berman was guilty apparently of forging a document and had his law license suspended and apparently never reinstated. Dishonesty appears to be second nature to him. The good news is we are both irrelevant at this point in time. What matters is what’s real for homeowners.

    His attempted character assassination of me is attempted cancel culture, a practice Berman has been using at SCA for years according to Dick Arendt. And Berman is incapable of arguing the issues as he has proven that on his own blog. He has a level playing field on his own blog and he uses a subterfuge to claim not a level playing field because he cannot win the discussion. So he deflects by making attacks on me and my record, LOL! Poor David! Whining is new for him. Not a good look. Apparently I have gotten under his skin and he is losing sleep over it. But why am I under his skin? Try truth! Why does he write so much about me? To deflect the truth…that’s why. Focus on the issues.

    The issues are abuse of power and financial irresponsibility and the homeowners are just going to have to make a decision. I have done my best to expose the financial vulnerabilities that Berman and his cronies have exacted on the Association’s homeowners. The Main Reserve ought to be an embarrassment and expected to get worse possibly triggering a special assessment. The abuse of power by Sandy Seddon through the weaponization of legal counsel and the code of conduct violations of Paul Perlstein and Wendy Linow are documented. I am not the issue. They are.

    Hopefully the new candidates will offer an opportunity for change for better governance. It’s time for homeowners to evaluate their options.

    I have a couple bombshells coming before you get your ballots. One is an analysis of HOA payroll and benefits from 2018 to present and how the spending is out of control. All of these numbers are on the website for your review. I have just put them in a summary format that should make things quite clear.

    If we get enough of our neighbors to vote for change, change will happen. And remember, The pocketbook you save may be your own.

    Nelson Orth

    I am so sick and tired of you defending Steve Anderson. As a result of your defense, you have now become a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.

    Robert Stern

    Nelson Steve Anderson in the issues I have dealt with him has been transparent and forthright. He acknowledged and apologized for both Perlstein’s slander and code of conduct violations by attacking me at December and January board meetings. THAT”S HUGE considering he faces head winds on the board. He knows that Wendy Linow is not a good board member. So I am active in hoping to bring change of board members. That is not part of the problem. That is part of the solution. Mr. Anderson is not up for reelection . I would ask you and all our homeowners to focus on the task at hand. Vet the new candidates and support those that most align with what you want as a solution.
    This is the solution.


    Steve Anderson has always been upright and open to discuss any topic with any resident.

    He may not agree with you in all cases, but his efforts to be a leader, in my opinion, should be lauded.

    Listening to all sides should be a quality that every director should embrace, and Mr. Anderson does just that.

    Now, on the other hand, for a Director to publicly chastise any resident during a board meeting is unprofessional and rude; and for doing so, Paul Perstein should be ashamed of himself, apologize for his outbursts, and in the absence of not doing so, be looked on as not worthy of any position on the Sun City Anthem Board.

    For any individual who would look at Perlstein’s actions as acceptable, brings themselves down to that same level.

    We expect such behavior from that other blogger whose actions over the years have been littered with contempt for any individual who dares to expose him, but not in any way for a representative of our association.

    Elizabeth Breier

    I would be much more impressed with Steve Anderson if he apologizes to Robert Stern in public ( at the next board meeting regarding Perlstein’s behavior).
    As far as Steve Anderson being responsive to residents, he may be responsive to you, but that doesn’t mean he’s responsive to all residents. In fact, you well know that until you urged him, he never responded to me.
    Regardless of who Steve Anderson responds to, or doesn’t,  fact is he heads up a Board that  is fiscally irresponsible in my opinion.

    Nelson Orth

    I met with Mr. Anderson in June of 2021, and provided him with a signed letter from the Ombudsman for Common Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels Program. That letter stated:

    “Anthem Community Council (ACC) can operate under NRS 82 as a non-profit organization. In addition, the Anthem Community Council (ACC) must also comply with NRS 116. Should a conflict exist between NRS 82 and NRS 116, NRS 116 prevails”.

    Mr. Anderson admitted to me that I provided a very compelling case, and that he would take the letter to the board for action. I then received an email from Mr. Anderson stating that the board believed I was not interrupting the letter correctly. To this day ACC does not comply with the provisions of NRS 116.

    Mr. Anderson is a weak, dysfunctional individual who does not operate with the best interests of the homeowners. He talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. So, for anyone who praises the work of Mr. Anderson on this forum, I owe it to the readers to counter their praise. I assure you I have many other examples to counter Mr. Anderson’s performance.

    Robert Stern

    Elizabeth, Nelson and whomever else may be reading. Mr. Anderson is a flawed human being like the rest of us but we need to be focused on a two-year mission to fix SCA and the result is not guaranteed. We agree on the financial irresponsibility of the board and we agree on the abuse of power. The only chance we have of getting things right is to elect a new board majority and hope that a new majority will find the leadership within itself to right the ship. This is year one. We need to come together and get new Directors elected.
    That’s all we got! Please join with me to get out the vote for the 4 new candidates. They too will be flawed but they are our only hope. Make sure you get at least 5 new voters and ask them to each get 5 new voters and this can happen. This is Year 1. Focus with me on this task please.
    Mr. Berman and his crew will be reading this and doing the same thing. All this talk is great but now is the time for action. The pocketbook you save could be your own.

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